Garage Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Having too little insulation in your garage can be uncomfortable and costly. Bring satisfying warmth and energy efficiency into your home with Spray Foam Insulation Today.

A common problem with garages is that builders will forget to properly insulate the ceiling, which leads to a living space that requires large amounts of money in order to get through the winter. Sounds like you're at a crossroads? If you need to breathe some fresh air in your home, we offer blown-in cellulose insulation at Spray Foam Insulation Today.

Many people neglect their garages as a place to save energy. Usually, it's where you store things and protect vehicles, but that doesn't mean the garage can't save energy as well! If insulation is improperly done, then these problems will just occur in other parts of the house. The bottom line is that garage insulation is very important.

Upgrading Garage insulation

The ceiling insulation in your garage can make or break the safety of your bedroom. You need to make sure that it's included in the building process along with all the other important aspects of your property. Some builders might not offer you ceiling insulation, because they think it will cost them money, but that's an idea that needs to change.

With good insulation installed, however, this room will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Your energy will be conserved all year long.

Insulating garage walls - It's VERY important that the wall between your garage and living areas be carefully sealed and then insulated before finishing with fire-resistant drywall

Since an energy consultant is well-equipped with different inspection methods, they will be able to find out if insulation is present or not. This can be done easily through the use of infrared cameras, for instance.

If it's discovered that no insulation was put in place at all, there are options available to have it placed inside the walls while keeping the drywall intact.

The use of sealed vents & gas lines is essential for both energy and safety. The carbon monoxide and fumes that can escape into your home must be kept away to help protect you and the baby.

The interior door of the garage- The door leading into the living space, not the “garage door”- should be weather-stripped and insulated fully.

Your new door should have a fire rating, which is required by most building codes. If you want to make sure it is upgraded, contact us today. We would love to offer you advice about the benefits of having a new door installed on your property.

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