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Chances are, your winter woes can be fixed with a quick check to your insulation. Find out how you can reduce the cost of home heating bills by insulating your pipes & attics.

Did you know that a lack of insulation can lead to greater energy loss in your home? One common example is your attic – it might be under insulated and could cause a significant amount of heat to escape.

That's why attics tend to be the coldest and hottest areas in the house during winter and summer respectively. Heat rises, so checking insulation is worth it.

We serve Lynnwood, WA. Talk with us about how we can help you save money on energy costs without compromising on service quality by improving your home's energy efficiency.

A lot of the energy you use to warm and cool your home ends up being wasted, while you end up spending a vast amount on wasted energy. This can be bad for both your wallet and our environment.

Your floor is responsible for up to 10% of energy loss in your home. Proper insulation can make big savings on heating and cooling bills while also providing increased comfort within your home.

Types of Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Today of Lynnwood has a variety of different insulation solutions to offer homeowners. There are many different factors to take into consideration when deciding which one is right for your home, such as thickness, cost, and level of insulation you want to achieve.

We know there are many types of insulation out there, so we'll help you pick the one that best suits your needs. Some of our insulation products are:

Batts and Rolls insulation/blanket insulation

This type of insulation is called “blanket” because it rolls out flat during installation. It is made of paper fibers, fiberglass, rock wool, or polyester. The size can vary to accommodate your needs.

Batts and Rolls insulation is a good way to insulate your home. It’s an affordable solution for this need. You can always ask a pro for help to make sure it's installed properly. If the installation isn't done well, it could end up losing half of its potential as a heat barrier which can lead to higher expenses & problems down the road.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

Insulation is made with tiny floatation particles of fiberglass, rock wool, fiber, or cellulose. It can be useful for any hard-to-reach spaces in the home like unfinished attics, walls/cavities with written-in insulation, tiny furnace rooms...

Because blown-in insulation typically requires special equipment and training, it should only be handled by experts. In the event that you have a minor to moderate leak, use a shop vacuum to suck out the wet insulation.

Rigid Board Insulation

This product would be a great choice for new construction projects as it is both high-density and easy to install. It can be installed in unfinished walls, new roofs, basements, and more. It can also be cut into many sizes

Spray Foam Insulation

We highly recommend spray foam as the best type of insulation, as it's the most expensive but also the most effective. This type of insulation is good for both short & long-term investment as it usually pays for itself within just a few years and can help you cut your utility bills.

To make spray foam, you mix together two chemical substances and then heat them up. This mixture is highly pressurized and is sprayed through a special hose.

With our bio-safe foam sealant, the foam expands right away to form an airtight seal that provides insulation. It is also easy to install in homes of all ages & types which makes it a good choice for all homeowners.

We use a pre-determined technique to spray insulation foam in your cracks & gaps. All you have to do is prepare a place for the machine and agree on a good time with us beforehand. We will carefully apply foam insulation where required, patch it up and leave without any traces of mess.

Our Spray Foam Insulation is one of the best insulation options around because it will not only ensure your home is very comfortable during the winter but also because it can help you save money on your energy bills.

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Facts about the city:

Lynnwood is a city in Snohomish County, WA, United States. It is located 16 miles (26 km) north of Seattle and 13 miles (21 km) south of Everett near the junction of Interstates 5.

Lynnwood is a suburban suburb of Seattle and Everett. There are some shops and there used to be a mall, but it's past its prime.

There are also colleges, conventions, and major transit centers in the city. These are located in the city center for easy access.

The Lynnwood area was mostly logged back in the late 19th century. People started to settle here again around the early 20th century, building up Alderwood Manor as a farming community.

Lynnwood emerged in the 1940s and was incorporated in 1959. It became a suburban hub following the construction of 196th Street Southwest Interchange, which connected Highway 99 to nearby transportation networks. One of the reasons the city elected its first mayor was to promote a sense of community as well as to tap into what people would need.

Alderwood Mall was built in 1979 and helped change the eastern Lynnwood neighborhood into a commercial and office district.

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