Garage Door Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

The size of your garage door has a significant impact on the house's energy efficiency. In the case of a garage attached to the house, it makes sense to install an insulated and well-sealed garage door for optimum results.

Regular doors are not sufficient to stop the cold in your garage so you need an insulated door for people and a second door for cars. This will ensure that your garage is insulated well enough to keep the cold out.

Insulation and weather-stripping measures reduce the amount of airflow coming in or out of a building. This is very important as it helps improve the performance of heating and cooling systems.

Garage Door attached to house

You may need to think about the door separating the garage and the house to be an exterior door even if it is inside of the garage. The reason is that this door might provide access to your garage, which means it would be seen by visitors who approach closer than 10 feet.

Here are some examples of what this door might need, including extra insulation to make it more energy-efficient and fireproofing to bring it up to code.

The kind of garage doors mainly used in these cases is those with rigid insulation foam cores covered by either PVC, steel, or fiberglass.

Even bigger garage doors can be insulated

You can install insulated garage doors whether you are building or renovating. This means that they will not only save you money on energy bills but also keep your home comfortable year-round.

These doors usually have a foam-filled core and a textured metal exterior, which combined give it a really stylish look.

Insulated garage doors are more expensive, but they will pay off once you see how much money they save long term. The insulation keeps the metal from getting dented and they provide lots of energy efficiency to your home.

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