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We want to lower your energy bills. That’s why we offer high-quality insulation services. Call us for more information.

Many people in Tacoma may need free energy audits because of the issue of poor insulation. An audit can help reduce your energy bill because it could find out what needs to be insulated.

Over 50% of your energy consumption may be devoted to air conditioning and heating, due to the gaps in your home’s current insulation and/or windows.

Installing upgraded insulation is one way to reduce your home's monthly energy costs. You can improve energy efficiency, which will also save you money.

R-values are units often used to measure the value of insulation. They show how well insulation can resist heat loss or transfer.

Tacoma homes can benefit from using insulation products with a high R-value because it can help to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. The regional climate is very different from season to season so it's important to use insulation throughout the year.

In physics, the heat from inside a house will naturally move to the colder areas of your house such as your basement or attic and then finally outside.

In the summer, hot air outside can move into your home and disrupt your cooler rooms. To prevent this, use insulation to form a tight barrier between the interior and exterior of the home. This will keep everything inside more comfortable and comfortable.

Types of Insulation

We have a large range of different home insulation options and work to ensure that every client has the right product to suit their needs. However, there can be a lot of conflicting information around, which is why we work closely with every customer so they understand what’s best for them.

Once you make the appointment, we'll dispatch an energy auditor to inspect your home.

We want to help you identify the areas in your house that are most in need of an upgrade. We can do this by performing a simple energy audit, and then following-up with the type of insulation that would do the most good for your home.

Batts and rolls insulation

Rock wool, cellulose, fiberglass, and recycled paper are common materials that make up batts & rolls insulation. They vary in their resistance to heat flow (R-value), but all provide help in cutting down on energy use. Still, you may want to get an expert opinion before choosing the one for your property.

Fiberglass insulation, when not handled correctly, can cause health problems and has many home installation drawbacks. One of the leading housing and energy efficient materials in Australia and around the world, fiberglass is an excellent choice for improving your home’s comfort.

Loose-fill/Blown-in insulation

Loose-fill or blown-in insulation is a home insulation product that's made of tiny particles. Rock wool, recycled material, cellulose or fiberglass can be used to make this type

This new insulation service is perfect for a variety of spaces in your house. Whether you have a wall cavity, unfinished attic, or small corner that needs some extra coverage, our experts can solve the problem quickly and easily.

Rigid board insulation

Rigid board insulation comes as either rock wool or fiberglass and can be cut to size for any opening in your home - no matter how small it is.

This product is especially helpful for projects that are new construction, unfinished, or need to be wrapped around pipes and air ducts. A project like a remodel or extension is a good place for this type of product too.

Spray foam insulation

If you're looking for the best insulation for home, spray foam insulation is what you need. Our Tacoma location is proud to offer this wonderful product that provides unbeatable thermal and heat barrier.

Spray foam insulation is superior to other types of insulation, having the highest R-value on the market. It includes two different chemicals that are mixed before being heated. The mixture is then forced through a hose for spraying.

Spray foam has many uses. It expands quickly & easily to seal leaks and provides insulation against heat, which can help you save on your electricity bills. You can use it to fill the gaps between rafters in your roof or fix any holes that have been eaten by bugs in your walls. Spray foam is also suitable for use in existing walls.

We recommend spray foam insulation, as it helps to make your house more comfortable and energy-saving.

Although it's more expensive than most other insulation products, spray foam insulation is generally worth it. That's because you can end up saving over 40% on your monthly energy bills in just 3 years.

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Facts about the city:

Tacoma is the county seat of Pierce County, WA. It is situated to Puget Sound and has a population of 167,166 people (2017 census).

The population in the 2020 census for Tacoma was 219,346. It is the 2nd largest city in the Seattle area and 3rd biggest in Washington State. Tacoma is also home to most of business activity for South Sound, which has a population of 750,000.

After the nearby Mount Rainier, Tacoma originally went by several names. But it's called "The City of Destiny" because the railroad chose this spot in 1873 to be its western terminus.

The decision to run a railroad in Tacoma was influenced by Commencement Bay, a deep-water harbor that neighbors Tacoma. By connecting the two, the declaration "When rails meet sails" became part of Tacoma's motto.

The Commencement Bay Marina & Resort is an international shipping terminal located in the heart of the Port of Tacoma. The city gained notoriety for the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which earned it a number of nicknames including, but not limited to, Galloping Gert.

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