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Are you curious to know why you spend such a lot of money on heating and cooling in your home? Most homeowners in the area find that they spend around 40% of their energy expenses on these two aspects. Poor home insulation might be the reason.

Our insulation products are the best in the market, period. You can see some of them below, or contact us if you have any questions.

Insulation is very important for a home and will be a major factor in determining your monthly energy bill, especially for older homes. Free energy audits are a great way to find out more information about how much insulation you have and where it can improve. Upgrade your insulation to save money on utility bills over time.

Over the course of a year, investing in energy efficiency through insulation will save you hundreds of dollars. Give us a call for an appointment with one of our experts to find out more about how much you can save by being more eco-friendly. If you have any questions, just give us a call.

Home insulation is measured by an R-value. The higher the r-value, the more effective it is at slowing down heat transfers/losses. Homes in Mercer Island can benefit greatly from finding high R- value insulation products.

The humidity, unpredictable climate and long cold winters are mainly to blame for this. The laws of thermodynamics explain it like this: heat naturally flows towards colder areas like your unheated attic or basement. Eventually, the heat will flow outside your home to regulate the temperature in your home.

During the cold season, we expect the opposite to happen. Cool air from outside flows naturally into your warm air-conditioned rooms.

Installing insulation in your home will create a barrier against heat transfer and ensures comfort. Along with this, it will help you cut energy costs and protect the environment.

Types of Insulation

We here at Spray Foam Insulation Today want to help make your decision easier by acquainting you with the various insulation products that are available, the effect they will have on your home, and their respective price points.

We offer a free energy audit to assess your insulation needs. During the test, our expert will visit your home and conduct a blower test.

This easy process will help us determine the areas of your home that are the least insulated. Based on the outcome of the blower test, our professional will probably recommend one of the following kinds of insulation to raise.

Batts and rolls/blanket insulation

It's called "blanket" because it can be cut to fill open space between studs in an attic. It is usually made of fiberglass, rock wool, recycled material or cellulose. They are available in different R-values - one of the most popular among todays homeowners.

For these reasons we recommend hiring a professional to install your fiberglass windows. The installation process can cause irritation and is complicated, such as working with insulation and fasteners.

When a builder installs insulation incorrectly, the effectiveness of the insulation is compromised because there are gaps in coverage.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

Fiberglass insulation is a type of insulation that is used inside homes. They can be blown into place, which makes them easy to install. This type of insulation is typically made from rock wool, recycled materials or cellulose fibres.

We work in all sorts of places. From unfinished attics & hard-to-reach spaces to small spaces, new or existing wall cavities - you name it! All our technicians have been through the proper training before performing this installation.

Rigid board insulation

When it comes to building insulation, rigid board insulation is a fantastic choice of material. It comes in the form of large, strong sheets that are cut by hand to fit different spaces within your home. Not only is this type of insulation designed for new construction projects but also unfinished ones.

It can also tightly fit around pipes or ducts. If you are thinking of building an extension to your home, just give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote.

Spray foam insulation

This insulation option provides unmatched heating and thermal insulation for both old and new homes. This type of insulation has one of the highest R-values in the industry.

Spray foam is a mixture of two different chemical materials that are mixed together and then sprayed. This foam can be safe for both humans & animals, and will immediately expand when it comes in contact with open air. It provides a great seal when dealing with drafts and makes for good insulation overall.

Spray foam can be used for a variety of purposes, including insulation. Our professionals can come in and drill a small hole in the wall before inserting the spray foam all the way through.

The small hole will be patched with a professional patching material that eliminates the need to knock down any walls.

We recommend spray foam insulation to most of our clients. This is the best type of insulation for properties in Mercer Island, WA because it helps manage energy costs and ensures that your house stays comfortable.

Spray foam is the most expensive type of foam insulation, but it pays for itself within 3 years or less.

With our system, you won't spend an exorbitant amount of money on heating and cooling throughout the year.

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Facts about the city:

Mercer Island is a city in King County, WA, US. It is situated on the Mercer Island and it's in the Seattle metropolitan area. In fact, Seattle is to its west and Bellevue is to its east.

Mercer Island is accessible both by bridge on either side of the island, the westbound one connecting it to Seattle & the eastbound one linking it to Bellevue.

Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge and the parallel Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge are floating bridges that span Lake Washington. These bridges carry, respectively, eastbound and westbound lanes of Interstate 90 to connect Mercer Island with the northern port of Seattle.

I-90 runs through the northern part of Mercer Island and then over the East Channel Bridge to Bellevue.

There are many factors to consider when determining the boundaries of Mercer Island. It is closer to Bellevue than it is to Seattle, making it part of King County's Eastside.

Mercer Island is a suburb of Seattle on an island surrounded by Puget Sound. In 2012 it has the fifth highest per-capita income in the state of Washington and is one of the 100 richest zip codes in the USA, based on IRS figures.

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