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At Spray Foam Insulation Today, we can help you lower your heating and cooling costs. If your home is drafty and hard to keep comfortable, give us a call today.

Up to 40% or more of your monthly energy bill could be due to gaps in the insulation and coverage at your home. This makes heating and cooling needlessly difficult, costing you money & wasting energy. Call us for a free consultation

Insulation is rated by an R-value, which corresponds to how well it protects against heat transfer. It's thermally conductive so heat moves in the opposite direction.

In winter, less heat will be used because it is escaping to the cold outdoor air. In summer, cool air-conditioned spaces are much less able to maintain a stable temperature when foundations are not insulated, meaning that more energy will be needed in order to keep the space cool when outside temperatures rise.

Heat transfer can be the costliest killer of your energy bill as your heating and cooling systems put in more effort to maintain a consistent temperature.

The homes in the Northwest seem to benefit the most from home insulation products that have a high R-value. They're helpful for reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.

Types of Insulation

With up to 40% of your heat or air-conditioning escaping through your attic, it's important to upgrade the insulation there as it is the largest contributor to this. A lot of our customers in Westchester choose to just do this as it prevents a lot of those losses.

Here are a few inexpensive options for homeowners:

Batts and Rolls Insulation

Batts and rolls are traditional insulation products made of various materials. They come in large rolls that need to be fitted between the joists in your attic.

Fiberglass fibers can cause respiratory distress and skin irritation. We recommend installation by a professional for your safety. Blanket insulation is an option if the existing insulation is clean and dry

If your insulation is wet or moldy, then it should be removed, sealed off to prevent further moisture damage, and new layers put in place.

Blown-in/Loose-fill Insulation

Blown-in or loose-fill insulation is made of organic fibers like cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool that are fed through an air-powered machine.

Home & Attic Insulation

The insulation material is ground into tiny pieces and then put through a hose to coat the small spaces in your attic.

Projects typically have gaps, hard-to-reach & odd-shaped areas. These are typically filled with insulation, which is excellent for filling in these small gaps.

Rigid Board Insulation

Planning to remodel or build a new home? We can help you choose insulation. The rigid board insulation we offer consists of a fiberglass or rock wool boards mounted in drywall.

Insulating boards are a great choice for any type of building work. They're versatile and can be cut to fit spaces, including those with heating ducts or pipes.

Spray Foam Insulation Today specializes in spray foam insulation. You won't find a better option when it comes to home insulation, and we use it in both old and new homes since it's durable and has a great performance.

Spray Foam Insulation

Our spray foam insulation can be used by itself or in conjunction with other insulation types. Our product is made of two different safe chemicals which are mixed together in a special machine and sprayed with proper installation.

The foam can easily be sprayed through a small hole into the walls of your home without damaging the texture. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are renovating their historic homes with angled or intricate architectural features.

The spray foam we install is quick to expand and also dries slowly, which means it doesn't shrink over time. With our insulation in place, you'll be left with a clean and comfortable home.

Other benefits of spray foam include:

  • The solution strengthens the walls by anchoring the wall studs to exterior drywall

  • Keeps away pests such as bugs, insects, and rodents

  • The seal could last the lifetime of your home and is guaranteed to do so

  • Blocks unwanted outdoor noise

  • Using less AC and heat saves more energy for your utility bill

  • This product effectively prevents dust & allergens from coming into your home

  • This has the potential to increase your property’s resale value

  • This can help prevent condensation and dampness from accumulating and causes issues like mildew and mold

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Facts about the city:

Kent is an area in southern King County and is part of Seattle's metropolitan area. The city is generally divided into three sections: the Green River Valley, West Hill, and East Hill.

Kent is the city on the east side of the valley, about 16 miles from Seattle and Bellevue.

The following neighboring cities are Renton to the north, Covington to the east, Auburn to the south, Federal Way to the southwest, Des Moines to the west, SeaTac to the northwest, and Tukwila is northeast.

The United States Census Bureau has indicated that the city has a total area of 29.19 square miles (75.60 km2). Out of this, 28.63 square miles is land whereas 0.56 square miles is water

Kent, WA has major water sources in the Green River & Lake Meridian. The town is also home to Mt. Rainier, a highlight of the area's landscape to residents & visitors alike.

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