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Spray Foam Insulation Today of Graham is dedicated to helping make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient through professional insulation. Enjoy the excellent service from our experienced team today!

Many homes in Graham lack insulation, which could be the reason your energy bills are so high. It's important for your health & safety that you keep it warm in the winter while staying cool during the summer. Nearly 65% of an energy bill goes to heating or cooling.

By upgrading your insulation, you can cut the cost of your power bill significantly. We offer a comprehensive insulation service that will make a home more energy-efficient and help you to save money on energy bills.

If you have any questions about installing insulation, why not come check out our showroom? We have staff on hand to answer whatever you might need to know. If that's not an option, give us a call right now to schedule an appointment with one of our professional energy auditors. We offer a free in-home energy audit where we'll come and see your home.

One way to test how effective a home insulation product is by measuring its R-values. If the R-value is low, the product will be less effective as it's harder for heat to stay inside.

Homeowners in the North, or areas like Graham, can really benefit from investing in higher R-value products for insulation. Long cold winters, humidity, and unpredictable climates are all things they can keep an eye out for.

In the winter, your home may feel colder because it is drawing heat from inside to cool down outside. We have some tips on how to fix why you're losing heat.

Types of Insulation

When you work with us, you get access to all sorts of insulation types within your budget. Our professional consultants will help you find the right one for your home in Graham. Just call now to get started!

One of our certified energy auditors will come to your home and perform a blower test. This test helps us find out where improvements can be made, by providing certain areas in the home that are the least energy efficient. Once we have established this, our professional might recommend one of the following:

Batts and rolls insulation (blanket insulation)

Batt insulation is a self-adhesive product that comes in a large roll and is fitted on the spaces between the studs of your attic. There are different materials used in Batt insulation, such as recycled paper, cellulose & fiberglass.

Warmth, the savings made on heating bills, and DIY-ability are just some of the reasons to consider batt insulation. However, you may want to consult with an expert installer before purchasing your insulation.

Make sure you install insulation properly to make sure it doesn’t lose 50% of its efficiency.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

This insulation is made of tiny particles and recycled material with the technical name of cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool. The material is blown through a special hose and then applied in order to insulate your space.

This product is great for a lot of different spaces in your home. Whether it's a cavity on a wall, an unfinished attic, a small space, or something more difficult to reach, there's no job we can't complete for you. All of our technicians are highly trained and provide the most up-to-date services available.

Rigid board insulation

This is made out of fiberglass or rock wool. It comes in large sheets that can easily be cut to fit the size you need for any space in your home.

If you're planning on having any new construction projects done, molded PVC is a great option. Contact us today and we'll help you with any remodeling that's needed.

Spray foam insulation

This is the best insulation available and is highly recommended for homes of all ages. We can offer this to Graham residents and guarantee you a thermal barrier that's unequaled.

Spray foam insulation products have high R-values and are arguably the best product you can buy. It starts with the manufacturing process, which involves mixing two chemical compounds together before heating them to create a foam finish.

This causes immediate expansion that creates an airtight seal that bears great insulation properties. Spray foam is great for use between joists and studs in your home and is also great for use in existing walls.

For existing walls, we will start by drilling a small hole into your wall. We will then insert the spray foam while expanding the hole in the wall and will patch it afterward to ensure no more dust comes in.

We recommend spray foam insulation. It's a bit more expensive than other insulation types but offers the best value in the long term. Homeowners can see savings in heating and cooling costs of up to 40%.

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Facts about the city:

Graham is a census-designated place (CDP) in Pierce County, Washington, United States. It is located 16 miles southeast of Tacoma and has a population of 23,491. The population grew to 32,658 during the 2020 census.

As of the 2000 census, there were 8,739 people living in our CDP. The population density was 407.9/sq miles (157.5/square kilometers). There were 3,120 housing units with an average density per square mile equal to 145.6 per sq km.

The racial makeup of the CDP was 90.15% White, 1.28% Native American, 1.28% African American, 1.80% Asian, and 0.98% Pacific Islander (every race is written out). 2.81% of the population was Hispanic or Latino (no percentage sign nor parentheses).

2,989 households had kids under 18 living with them, 68.8 percent were married couples who live together, 7.7% had a female householder with no husband present and 18.8% were non-families

14.3% of households had just one person living in them - that figure was 3.7% for elderly individuals, with an average household size of 2.92 and family size of 3.20.

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