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Stop struggling with high energy bills. Get better home insulation by getting in touch with the Spray Foam Insulation of Edmonds. Our professionals can resolve your insulation issues fast and at a very affordable rate too.

There’s no need to worry: more and more people are taking measures to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. For example, selecting an eco-friendly heat pump is a valuable investment that can not only save you money but also protect our environment.

One cost-effective and practical way to increase energy efficiency in the home is by improving your home insulation. Most homes in Edmonds spend more than 60% of their energy bill on either heating or cooling or both!

In colder months, heat will move into colder areas in your house, like the attic or basement. Conversely, in warmer months heat will be pushed into your air-conditioned room.

As the temperature outside varies, it becomes increasingly important to ensure your home doesn't change in the same way. Insulation creates a barrier to stop heat from entering or leaving your home when it's not necessary, for instance when you've turned on the air conditioning. This means you and your family can enjoy time in a comfortable home no matter what time of year it is.

R values are used to measure insulation materials. Materials with higher R values provide better insulation.

Houses in Edmonds need insulation products with high R-values. Our environment has such a high level of humidity and the weather is unpredictable thanks to our 4 seasons.

Our insulation products meet safety, health, and quality standards. Call us today to schedule an audit to find out how you can save on energy bills.

Types of Insulation

We offer insulation for your home that has different price ranges to meet every need. When you’re ready to change your home insulations, there are lots of different products available.

Each type of insulation product has its own advantages and is suitable for different kinds of home. To work out the most suitable solution, we'll come to your house and make a site visit. With this information, we can recommend the most appropriate insulation possible for you.

Batts and Rolls insulation

One of the most popular types of insulation in homes is blanket insulation. It is commonly known as such because it can be stretched and rolled out flat during installation, thereby resembling a blanket. It's basically made of fiberglass, recycled paper, wool (made from the wool fibers of sheep or other animals), or polyester (man-made plastic fibers).

Blanket insulation is available in different sizes, which you can easily cut to fit the gaps between your house’s interior wall studs and joists. This type of insulation is often much cheaper than other options on the market.

A great tip is to get assistance with installation. Putting this product up improperly can lead to it being about 50% less efficient.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

There are a lot of different types of insulation, depending on what you're looking for. Blown-in insulation is one type that's made up of many materials, but they have a lot in common - namely spending time in attics and basements installing the product.

It is an excellent product for a variety of spaces and it can be difficult to install on your own. You will need to use qualified contractors who have the right training and equipment to get the job done.

Rigid Board Insulation

This type of insulation is made up of a fiberglass and a rock wool. It's usually used for blocking air ducts, but it can also be used in the construction process.

Rigid board insulation is a good choice for any area where you need a quick and easy way to insulate. They can be cut into the shape you want and are used around pipes, as well as new construction projects, remodels, or new roofs.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is the best type of home insulation. Spray foam provides the highest R-value, making it a top choice for thermal advantage. We're proud to provide this superior insulation product to the Edmonds community.

This type of insulation product is made up of 2 different chemical materials that are mixed, heated, and then sprayed through a special hose.

Spray foam is a safe and effective material that expands quickly to fill any gaps you might have. It can be used in the gaps between your joists and studs, as well as in existing walls.

The specialist will drill a small hole in your wall, which will then be filled with spray foam. The hole will then be patched up to prevent any debris from entering the property.

This technique might eliminate the trouble you normally would have encountered when trying to take down an entire wall. Our best suggestion.

Spray foam is one of the most efficient types of insulation because it has one of the highest R-values out there. Spray foam can pay for itself in under 3 years because it will stop your heating and cooling bills from rising.

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Facts about the city:

Edmonds is a city located in Snohomish County, WA. It is situated on the U.S.-Canadian border and faces Puget Sound to the west and the Olympic Mountains to the northwest.

The city is part of the greater Seattle metropolitan area and has a population of  147,148 (2010 census). It is located approximately 15 miles (24 km) north of Seattle and 18 miles (29 km) southwest of Everett.

Edmonds is the third-most populous city in Snohomish County with a population of 39,709. In 2019, it is estimated to have a population of 42,605.

Edmonds dates back to 1876, when logger George Brackett purchased the land claim of an earlier settler. It was officially incorporated as a city in 1890, close to the railway that would prove useful for transporting logs.

The city's original residents were employed by the shingle mills and logging companies that operated in the area until the 50s. The hills have since been developed into bedroom communities, giving a semblance of suburban life to county residents.

Edmonds is a city that is attracting artists with its museums, facilities, and yearly festivals.

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