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Thank you for learning more about us! Our insulation expertise has made us the go-to provider in University Place. We work hard to be sure that our team does everything they can to surpass your expectations.

We serve University Place and we’ve been enjoying that privilege for decades now. This means we have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer you.

We help homeowners like you reduce their expenditures and make your home more comfortable all year round.

Lots of homeowners here can benefit from having a free energy audit conducted at their homes. It seems that insulation standards were not always implemented properly in older household, which is why these issues are starting to crop up. Many times, people’s homes have poorly insulated areas that may be contributing to their high energy bills.

There are a variety of ways to save energy and reduce your energy costs at home. Upgrading insulation in your home can help make this happen. Without upgrading insulation, up to 50% of your home's power may end up going towards heating or cooling.

As soon as you increase your home's energy efficiency, you will see that it is actually the best way to save money. Contact us now and we'll schedule an exam for your home for free!

The R-value of a home insulation material tells us how well it resists heat flow or loss. The higher the value, the better it can prevent cold from leaching into your home during the winter.

High-R value insulation is good for your home because of the humid winters and inconsistent climate in University Place.

This is because heat will naturally flow to the colder areas of your home like your attic or basement.

During the summer, we see the opposite. The hot air from outside naturally moves indoors as it finds cool air-conditioned rooms. If you're not as well insulated in your home, this can make your home a less comfortable place for you. By getting insulation fixed, you'll create a tight barrier against heat transfer, which will lead to a more comfortable environment.

Types of Insulation

We offer affordable insulation for any client.

It can be hard to know what you want and how to get there, so we'll help guide you through the tough decisions. Talk to an expert now for a free consultation.

One of our experts will come and do a quick inspection to identify the areas of your home where we can provide you with insulation. This simple process should help us identify these spots and we should be able to give you some quotes too.

Based on the test results, our specialists are most likely to recommend one of the following insulation methods at your house:

Batts and rolls insulation

"Blanket insulation" is also known as "blanket" because it is an oversized roll that has to be cut & fitted to line the cavities between zip screws. It's mostly made of recycled paper, cellulose or rock wool.

It comes in a range of R-values, and is an economical type of insulation product. We advise you to get professional assistance with installation, though.

Materials like Fiberglass can be hard to work with, they can cause burning sensations on the skin and other health issues.

Installing insulation improperly can drastically reduce its efficiency, leading to gaps in coverage.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation 

Insulation made from rock wool, recycled material, cellulose or fiber can be blown into your house. The process is named after the pipes that the insulation passes through before it's blown in.

This insulation works great in any home. Areas that are difficult to reach, small spaces, unfinished attics and walls cavities all see positive results from using it.

Our qualified technicians are versed in all the intricacies of installing insulation products in homes. We can install your new insulation products within a day.

Rigid board insulation

Insulation is made of either rock wool or fiberglass, and comes in large sheets that are cut to the right size for different areas of the home.

This product is perfect for the beginning stages of a construction project. All you need to do is add it on and it will stick to any surface you want - even if that's unfinished walls or new roofs. It also works well for new home additions & home remodels. Just give us a call!

Spray foam insulation

We are proud to offer you one of the highest quality, and most energy-efficient insulation solutions on the market. Our University Place insulation project will keep your home cozy and warm throughout all seasons while saving you some cash on your electricity bill. Spray foam products have a higher R-value than traditional options.

Our product is made of 2 different chemicals that are mixed, heated and finally sprayed through a specially-shaped tube. This foam is totally safe (and emits biogases) and expands really quickly to create an airtight seal with excellent insulation properties.

The foam expands all the way through your wall, filling any gaps, cracks and holes to create a dense, continuous layer of insulation.

We'll leave the small hole, so there'll be no dust or other issues.

Our service area:

Spray Foam Insulation Today of University Place

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We also serve those cities.

Facts about the city:

University Place is a city located in Pierce County, Washington. Its population is approximately 31,144.

University Place ranks 81st of 522 areas in the state of Washington by income per capita.

University Place was originally named in the 1800s when the University of Puget Sound, a private liberal-arts college in North Tacoma, purchased land along the primary north–south route of Grandview Drive.

The school wanted to build a new campus, but opted to return the land back to the city for $11,000. University Place remained unincorporated until 1995 when it became the University Place City.

Today, University Place has a suburban atmosphere and is a mixed business & residential area with waterfront on the Puget Sound. It is home to Curtis High School and Charles Wright Academy.

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