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Spray Foam Insulation Today is a one stop solution to all of your home insulation needs! For over 20 years, we've been the best trusted name for this service in Maple Valley.

Call us to find out about all the ways we can help you stay cool during the summer heat. Maple Valley customers will tell you that we always go above and beyond to make their experiences with us excellent.

You may be paying a lot for energy because of your poorly insulated home. Just give us a call and we'll come do an audit now.

The majority of your energy consumption could be going to heating or cooling the property due to the property’s current insulation. One way you can lower your monthly utility bill is by updating the insulation.

You might want to call us at the number provided. We can help you save money by raising your energy efficiency, which is one of the most economical ways to reduce your bills.

One way to tell how effective an insulation product is, is by measuring it's R value. It represents the material's ability to resist heat loss or transfer.

There are a lot of benefits to having the right insulation at home. With a more efficient insulation, you can help reduce your energy bills and avoid an uncomfortable living environment.

In the cooler months, it's important to be sure your home can keep up with heat from external sources. For instance, insulated walls make a tight barrier against the transfer of heat and provide a more comfortable living environment. In turn, these efforts will help you save energy.

Types of Insulation

We offer a variety of insulation products for homes, and we work to stay within every client's budget. We know it can be hard to choose the right product in an overwhelming market - which is why we'll work with you to find what suits your home best.

We'll send an energy auditor to your home to inspect the insulation. They'll do a blower test which can spot which areas need new insulation products installed.

If you notice your home leaking energy, one of the steps our professional auditor may recommend is installing home insulation. There are many different products to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Batts and rolls insulation

This is also known as blanket insulation. It is made up of natural materials such as cellulose, rock wool, recycled paper or fiberglass and is available in different R-values that will work for your home. R-values can be very economical and it's important to get a professional opinion before you purchase them.

Placing fiberglass insulation in the wrong spot, or if it’s not installed properly, can have some unexpected consequences. For example, 50% of the overall efficiency can be lost!

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

Blown-in insulation is made from recycled materials like rock wool, cellulose, or fiberglass. It can be very effective in a variety of homes as it can be difficult to reach certain areas, for example your attic.

Rigid board insulation

This insulating material is composed of rock wool or fiberglass. It’s perfect for starts on construction projects, unfinished walls, new roofs, and can be molded around ducting/pipes.

You’ve been thinking about home remodeling or adding more space for your house lately? Let us provide you with a quote on rigid insulation today.

Spray foam insulation

This high-performing insulation has the highest R-value on the market. It's made up of two chemical materials that are mixed together, heated, and sprayed through a special hose.

This spray foam is absolutely biosecure and expands instantly to create a seal that's airtight, as well as having exceptional insulation properties. It's also suitable for use between joists and studs all over the house, as well as existing walls.

If you are looking for insulation on your home, we highly recommend spray foam insulation - it is not only cost-effective, but is also environmentally friendly and guarantees your home is always the perfect temperature.

It may be more expensive upfront, but investing in foam insulation typically pays for itself within 3 years - through the energy savings you'll enjoy every month. Moreover, it can reduce your AC costs by up to 40%.

Our service area:

Spray Foam Insulation Today of Maple Valley


Wilderness Village, Cherokee Bay Park, Arbors at Rock Creek, Summit, Henrys, Danville

We also serve other areas.

Facts about the city:

Maple Valley is a city in King County, WA, US. The population was 22,684 at the 2010 census and is estimated to be 27,202 as of 2019. This commuter town has an increasing amount of commercial businesses increasing its appeal to residents who live outside the area.

The city of Maple Valley was incorporated on August 31, 1997. The Green-Cedar River Trail runs through the city, along SR 169 and Witte Road. It also passes through the former Gaffney's Grove site (now Lake Wilderness City Park).

The park is filled with a swimming beach and large grass fields, and the annual Maple Valley Days Parade takes place in June. The Lake Wilderness Arboretum is also located within the park.

Urban growth boundaries have made it notoriously difficult to expand beyond this zone. As a result, the city is split up into sectors within proximity to Maple Valley Highway (SR 169). These are often facilitated by easy access to public transit or other main thorough-fares nearby.

There are two major commercial areas at both the north and south ends of the city, with residential Maple Valley mainly in between.

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