Upgrading Garage Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Ceiling Insulation in the Garage

It is important to insulate the garage ceiling if you're living over it. Many builders will skimp on this step because they want water to drip into that inaccessible area, which saves money.

This means that the upstairs of your house will be freezing cold in the summer and unbearably hot in the summer. Your family will be uncomfortable all year long!

Insulating garage walls

Many homes will have a garage attached to it – and either one of the two will be completely enclosed by the other. This means that there needs to be a seal along the edge of these two spaces (i.e., where the wall separates them), as well as insulation, and finally fire-resistant drywall on both sides.

Energy providers can check the walls for insulation damage using a special infrared camera or other methods.

If there's no insulation in the wall, it may be possible to blow new insulation in through drilled holes in the drywall. But if any air is escaping, these holes need to be sealed for energy efficiency and also to protect against carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Exterior door inside the Garage

If you want to pass through the living space and go into the garage, then you need to weather-strip and insulate it like any other exterior door.

In many locations, modern buildings are required to be built with fire-proofing. To check whether or not your building needs this upgrade or if you're considering replacing your old door, just get in touch with the team at Spray Foam Insulation Today: they'll find a solution that's suited for you and your property.

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