Garage Wall Insulation

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Most people realize that it's important to insulate the exterior walls. However, many people forget about the exterior garage wall. Houses with attached garages usually have a common exterior wall, which means that this part of the house is often under-insulated.

Interior wall gets exterior treatment

The walls connecting the living area with the garage are not "exterior". This is because they are actually in the house!

This is not true when it comes to thermal insulation, in which case it should be stated as the exterior. A garage typically doesn't have any heating or cooling systems installed, which is why it might appear to be more like an outsider area.

The insulation between the indoors (living area) and outdoors (garage) helps to keep the house protected from fluctuating outdoor temperatures. Builders sometimes overlook this, but it might be worth spending some time getting to know about it.

A home energy assessment conducted by a qualified home energy consultant can show you which areas of your dwelling are insulated best. So that you can do something about it if it is not already done properly.

You can either blow cellulose into the walls in dense-pack form, or you can use fiberglass filling the stud bays.

Popular Choice - Insulate all walls in the garage

People use their garages for various purposes! You could do wood projects or automotive work or just unwind in your personal space. There are lots of possibilities.

If you have a garage for your workspace, it can pay off to insulate it. You'll be able to work there comfortably in the cold winter months and on hot summer days.

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