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Welcome to Spray Foam Insulation Today of Bellevue, WA! We’ve served your area for over five years and can take care of all your insulation needs.

We help our clients reduce their energy bills by nearly 50% in some cases. We look forward to helping you too.

Do you have a home that needs better heat insulation? We can conduct a free audit and help you address the issue. Your high energy bills could be coming from a lack of insulation that we can fix for you today.

50% of your energy bill is going to heating and cooling, which is why upgrading your home’s insulation will reduce your monthly utility bills. It’s a great way to save money!

Raising your home's energy efficiency could be one of the best ways to save money and keep your carbon footprint low. We offer a free in-home assessment that can show you where you need the most help! If you want to make sure your home is as efficient as possible, we can provide all of the options and information you need.

The R-value is a measure of the insulation in your home. It reflects how much insulation is able to resist heat transfer, so it can be helpful when considering ways to improve the efficiency of your home. Higher R-values result in more effective insulation.

Attic Insulation

Physics states that a building's heat tends to move towards the colder areas of the house, such as the attic or basement. It also provides a natural explanation for why heat exits a building during summer.

Exposure to outside air can make your home’s interior much hotter. Improving your home's insulation means that the barrier - the there's a tighter barrier against heat transfer, which is a more comfortable and energy-saving experience

Types of Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Today offers many kinds of insulation for your home. They're all really affordable and you'll get them at their Bellevue location.

We know how confusing the new green energy choices can be, so we'll walk you through making a decision that's perfect for your home and budget. Call us now for a free in-home energy audit.

One of our energy technicians will visit your home to take measurements using a blower door. The test helps us understand the areas of your home that need work. The technician may recommend one of the following based on what they find:

Batts and rolls insulation

The best insulation material is of course different depending on what your needs are, but batt insulation (made from cellulose, recycled paper, rock wool or fiberglass) comes in many different R-values and can be a very cost-effective option.

We recommend professional installation to keep the job safe. Fiberglass is tricky because it's irritating to the skin. It may also cause other health problems if not handled with care.

Gaps in coverage can decrease the performance of your system by more than 50%.

Blown-in/Loose-fill insulation

Insulation products compressed together are called "blown-in/loose-fill" insulation. They are the perfect solution for large areas. These products can be made out of recycled materials or other soft, fluffy materials like cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool. This method is perfect because it's easy to handle and washes away if children touch it.

This insulation is suitable for all sorts of spaces, such as small or tight places where it is hard to reach and in unfinished attics. All technicians have received full training and can install insulation in any room.

Rigid board insulation

It's made of either rock wool or fiberglass and is a popular choice for many spaces in the home. It's easy to install and works well in new construction projects, new roofs, around pipes and unfinished walls.

If you're looking for a home addition or an addition to your home, we'll provide you with a free price quote.

Spray foam insulation

This product provide high thermal insulation and high temperature resistance. This is because it has one of the highest R-values in the industry. This is all thanks to its four layers with two different chemical materials that are mixed, heated, and sprayed through a special nozzle

This spray foam is completely eco-friendly and expands immediately to create a seal, which is airtight and insulating. It can be used in flat surfaces or new construction, and you can use it between joists and studs as well as inside already existing walls.

Spray foam insulation is our preferred insulation method because it can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Plus, if you have the budget for it, spray foam might be the best option.

Spray foam insulation is more expensive than other types of home insulation. However, you will find that it pays for itself in just 3 years, because homeowners can save up to 40% on their energy bills while they live there.

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Facts about the city:

Bellevue is a city in the Eastside region of King County, Washington. As you might know, it's neighboring Seattle across Lake Washington!

It is the 3rd largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area and has been dubbed an 'edge city,' a suburb, a 'boomburb,' and a satellite city. Its population was 122,363 at the 2010 census and 151,846 in 2020.

Bellevue is a great place for technology companies to call home. In the past they have been relatively unaffected by economic downturns, and right now it's a great time to be investing here too!

Bellevue Downtown is the largest business district in Washington with 1,300 businesses, 45,000 employees and 10,200 residents. At a 2018 estimate, it had one of the five highest median household incomes in Washington.

Bellevue has twice been ranked as the "Number One Place to Live & Launch a Business" by CNNMoney, in 2008 and 2010. In 2014, USA Today ranked Bellevue as the number 2 "Best City to Live in America."

More than 145 companies have been situated in Bellevue and PACCAR Inc, T-Mobile, Valve and others currently base themselves there. Technology company Amazon was also born there.

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