Garage Ceiling Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Before doing any new insulation in your garage, air sealing is something that must be done to avoid wasting energy and also saves you from having toxic car emissions floating around inside.

Cars don't need insulation to stay healthy, but you will be saving so much on heating costs if you have your garage insulated!

To prevent overheating - there must be insulation in the space below

Two-story homes sometimes have living space above the garage. This creates what is called a thermal boundary, which separates the interior of the living space from that of your outdoor environment.

To make sure your home stays cozy and energy-efficient, insulated ceilings should be a top priority. This will also help with the air quality inside your home since you'll be keeping out drafts that can lead to dampness.

Many builders neglect to have insulation installed in the ceiling of the garage. It is often because they are focused on saving money or lack experience with insulating inside ceilings.

There is a lot of wasted space on top of the garage because there isn't any insulation. It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Energy is wasted around the clock all year round. If the ceiling in the garage is unfinished, you should be able to see insulation in place or not under a gypsum board

You can't do it half-heartedly, garage insulation is something you have to do right the first time. Unless you want your garage to ruin your house. Why take that chance? Call in the pros at Spray Foam Insulation Today

Spray Foam Insulation Today specializes in diagnosing ceiling conditions and can help you out with this as well. They will provide a free evaluation and estimate as soon as possible.

A builder might use the attic over a garage as a living space and not insulate it below. This can lead to a chilly near-to-the-ground floor in the winter and is something to be careful about.

We at Spray Foam Insulation Today have a solution to fix this problem, by using blow-in dens-; pack cellulose between the joists bays from the exterior of the house.

The truth is that most people do not think to insulate their garage roof, but it can be important in many circumstances!

It looks like you might need insulation for your garage roof. We can help & are available to make an appointment, call us today!

Insulation Upgrade is neededed for living spaces above the garage

In many 2-story homes, there is often an attached garage below the living space. In such a case, both the ceiling and walls of the garage as well as the roof should be sealed and insulated against cold air.

If the roof has unfinished attic space, blown-in material is the cheapest type of insulation to consider. While it's not an upgrade if there's already fiberglass, blown-in insulation does wonders when the cost is low.

Got a Workshop?

It depends on how your garage and house are set up. If the attached garage is also a workshop area, then an insulated roof may be one way to improve comfort and insulation in your workspace.

It is very important to remember is that bringing your home inside your farm makes the garage space comfier and energy-efficient, but whatever the weather outside. You will also want to insulate exterior walls to keep the house at a comfortable temperature for pets and livestock.

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