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Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for all households. The home’s insulation can be improved by conducting a free in-home audit that assesses energy efficiency.

Most homes in Everett can reduce their energy bills by a lot through a free audit. This is because insulation might be bad and so not keep the house warm. To find out, turn on your heating for a while and wait a couple of hours to see what the bill says.

Research shows that around 50% of your energy use may be air conditioning or heating since your current insulation is not sufficient.

There are many ways to lower your monthly energy bills. One of them is through installing upgraded insulation products at home, which will improve the insulation index of your house. This is a great way to reduce monthly utility bills and can be done without spending much time or money.

R-values are units that indicate how well an insulation product resists the transfer of heat. These values also show the thermal resistance.

Homes in Everett can benefit from using high R-value insulation products for all seasons. As an example, the laws of thermodynamics show how poorly insulated homes are like: heat usually moves to the colder rooms in your home like your bedroom.

During the summer, heat moves inwards to your air-conditioned areas, so installing insulation throughout a home can help close off a house. When you ensure a house is well insulated, it's cozier and conserves energy since it will be less heated.

Types of Insulation

There are many insulation products to choose from and they can cost a lot of different amounts. We'll help you find the right product for your budget and we know that it can be confusing to sort out the options.

You can start by booking an appointment with a professional auditor from our company. We'll come over to your property and carry out a blower test that will show what areas of your home are leaking energy and the extent of the problem

In order to help you make an informed decision as to the best insulating product for your house, our specialist will advise on what would be the best available option.

Batts and Rolls Insulation

Batts and rolls insulation come in many different types and can prove to be a very cost-effective solution.

You might want to hire professionals to help you with installing insulation batts. Fiberglass insulation can cause skin irritation, so contact the experts.

When incorrectly installed, insulation can lose over 50% of its effectiveness and create gaps in coverage.

Blown-in/Loose-fill Insulation

Loose-fill insulation is made of recycled material that sits in the cavity and is blown in by a machine. Blown-in insulation is usually applied using specialized equipment.

Attic Insulation

This product is great for many home spaces, like existing wall cavities, tight spots, unfinished attics. Our professional staff is fully trained and can be in and out of your home with this process in one day.

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid board insulation is made of fiberglass or rock wool and comes in sheets that are hand-cut to fit your home.

This insulation product is commonly used for new construction or as a solution to unfinished walls or new roofs. It can also be shaped around pipes and ducts as well as during a remodel. Make sure to contact us if you're considering changes.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the best type of insulation that's available. We're glad to provide our customers with this high-quality product that offers an unparalleled thermal barrier.

Here you can find more information on spray foam with the highest R-values. They are made from two chemical materials mixed together and heated before being sprayed through a tube.

This easy-to-apply foam will not only create a secure seal around studs & joists in your home but also does a great job insulating the space. It can be used for sealing gaps in existing walls.

The R-value of spray foam insulation is the highest and helps achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Sprayed foam insulation is more expensive than traditional insulation materials in the short term. However, in the medium and long-term these extra costs will usually be offset by lower utility bills.

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Facts about the city:

Everett is the county seat of and the largest city in Snohomish County, WA, US. It is located approximately 40 km north of Seattle. The city borders are also close to highways I-5, I-405 & Route 99.

Everett is the seventh-largest city in the state by population. They have a population of 110,629 residents, according to 2020 census data.

The city is situated on a peninsula at the mouth of the Snohomish River, which leads into Port Gardner Bay. This bay connects to Possession Sound, which leads into Puget Sound.

The Port Gardner Peninsula has been occupied by humans for a long time- the Snohomish tribe had a village here named Hibulb, near the mouth of the river, and modern settlement began in the 1860s. The first settlers were logging companies and then homesteaders.

A group of East Coast investors has decided to build a city in Northern California. They bought up the land, filed a plat for "Everett", and named it after Charles L. Colby's son Everett.

The city was incorporated in 1893 shortly after the arrival of the Great Northern Railway. Business boomed with many large sawmills shipping lumber all over the country.

The town of Everett became the county seat in 1897 after a dispute with the neighboring city of Snohomish that emerged when several elections and a Supreme Court case went in their favor.

In the early 20th century, the demand for workers led to tensions in Everett, Washington. In 1916, a violent clash broke out when union members trespassed on a lumber company that refused to bargain with the Industrial Workers of the World.

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