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Hi, welcome to the Spray Foam Insulation Today website! As Lakewood’s most trusted home insulation partner, we proudly offer quality customer service and attention to energy conservation.

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Checking the insulation in your home is something that could save you a lot of money! Homes can be built up to 17 years ago and still lack proper insulation. Heat will then easily transfer through the gaps between pieces causing some rooms to be warmer than others.

When it's freezing out, your furnace may have to work harder because of all this cold air that makes its way into your home.

In the summer, naturally, your air conditioner will run a lot during the day because it's hot outside and you want to stay cool inside. With that in mind, make sure that your house is sufficiently insulated so as to reduce energy consumption.

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Call us now for a free energy audit. One of our friendly customer service reps can schedule an appointment for you at a time you prefer.

We offer professional inspections to determine the effectiveness of the insulation in your home. Our trained and certified professionals will come to your house, answer any questions you may have, and inspect parts of your home for insulation.

They'll perform a blower test too - which is easy & simple - and it'll tell them how effective the insulation in that area is.

Once we review your insulation needs, we'll make a recommendation and let you know how much it would cost. Our estimates are always free and there is no obligation.

Spray Foam Insulation Today is also proud to offer the following types of insulation products:

Batts and Rolls Insulation

This product is also known as blanket insulation & is typically made of fiberglass & polyester & rock wool & recycled paper. It is available in a range of sizes & is cut to fit in between your walls or attic studs.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass exposure can cause skin irritation and respiratory distress, so it is highly recommended that you have a pro install it.

fiberglass insulation done in lakewood wa

Loose-fill/Blown-in Insulation

This product is made of tiny pieces of cellulose or fiberglass. It turns your insulation into a cushion load and has advantages like not letting all the warmth escape. Though it's harder to reach smaller areas, we can also apply it there

Rigid Board Insulation

This product is ideal if you're looking to do a remodel or add an addition. They come in panels that can be easily cut and installed for new roofs, walls, insulation & ceilings.

Rigid board insulation can also be cut by hand so it fits around HVAC piping and air ducts to provide the best possible insulation for your heating and cooling units.

home insulation in lakewood

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Today is your go-to company for spray foam insulation. They specialize in the product, which is top-notch and really seals off your home from the outside air.

Spray foam is a popular insulation method that can keep you feeling warm in winter and cool in summer. It's a high-performing material that's fun to use.

Spray Foam is made of two chemicals that are safe for humans and that are mixed together in an air-powered machine.

attic insulation installation in lakewood wa

When the two chemicals are mixed together and sprayed from a special nozzle, a thick foam starts to form. This foam immediately expands when it makes contact with a surface.

Attic Insulation

They can grow from being small to be very big and will fill up all your attics, basements, and walls.

Spray foam dries and stays flexible, even when temperature varies. It won't shrink, crack, or break--even if the temperature outside is way too cold.

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We put a lot of time & effort into understanding how important your home is to you and want to do our best to live up to your expectations. From providing courteous service to treating you with respect, we promise that you won't regret working with us.

Our techs are all bonded and fully trained and re-certified every year so you can be sure to get the best service possible. There's no job too big or too small for Spray Foam Insulation Today.

How can we help you? We take the time to find out what your goals are, or what you are worried about. From there, we give you a personalized estimate that will meet your needs. We're experienced and dedicated professionals- just give us a call today to get started.

Lakewood is a city in Washington state. It has a population of 58,163.

The US Census Bureau says the city has a total area of 18.95 square miles (49.08 km2) - around 45% of which is dry land and 55% wetland.

Seattle has a lot of lakes within its boundaries. The largest is American Lake followed by Lake Steilacoom, Gravelly Lake, Lake Louise, and Waughop Lake.

A number of small creeks flow through Lakewood, some of which drain into Puget Sound. The largest of these, Chambers Creek, flows from Lake Steilacoom to Chambers Bay between University Place and Steilacoom.

Lakewood was officially incorporated on Feb 28, 1996. It had been known as Lakewood/Tacoma Center and Lakes District. The U.S. Census used this latter name in 1970 & 1980.

Lakewood is the second-biggest city in Pierce County. Clover Park School District, Lakewood Water District, Ft Steilacoom Park & Western State Hospital are all located here.

We also service other areas.

Our service areas:

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We also can service those locations.

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