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At Spray Foam Insulation Today, we offer specialized home insulation products and installations. We also provide excellent customer service, so you know you're in safe hands.

We're proud to be able to provide Lake Stevens home insulation services and work hard to keep up with the latest product advancements.

For over 10 years, we have been helping homeowners in Snohomish county with their heating and cooling needs. Our friendly & professional staff can lower your bills by up to 20%!

Have you ever tried to figure out why your home energy bill is so high? The most likely reason is that your home doesn't have adequate insulation and as a result, you spend a significant chunk of your monthly energy bill on heating or cooling.

Installing insulation in your home is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce your monthly utility bills. Remember this for the future.

Let’s take a look at some home insulation basics. Insulation effectiveness is measured by R-values, these are an indication of the material’s resistance to thermal transfer, or heat flow.

Higher R-value means the insulation product will insulate better against heat transfer. Where you live is also an important factor in the insulation products you select.

Houses in colder climates will require insulation with a higher R-value, as more heat is lost during winter through unheated spaces. Homes in warmer climates, on the other hand, will need less insulation.

In the heat of summer, heat transfers from your home to any cool spots, making your air conditioner work harder. Insulation is there to prevent this from happening. It will save you money and help cool your home more efficiently.

Types of Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Today offers a wide variety of home insulation solutions that allow you to tailor a service to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have and we're ready to provide a quote at the end of the phone.

If you need help deciding what would be the best solution for your home, call us today. The consultation is completely free and a qualified assessor will perform a simple blower test to see how efficient your home is.

This free test will point out the areas in your home that you could benefit from sealing & adding extra thermal barriers. The estimator will provide you with a no obligation estimate for this work.

Batts & Rolls Insulation

Batts & Rolls: Fiberglass, Rock Wool, Cellulose. We have various thicknesses and widths for all standard and non-standard spaces in walls, basements, and attics. They are also called Blanket insulation because it is wrapped around the batt/roll to cover them before being expanded with a blower or other method which then expands the blanket.

Blown-in & Loose-fill Insulation

Blown-in/Loose-fill: Specifically designed for unfinished attics and other spaces. The insulation needs a special hose and truck to install, while still not taking up much space.

Rigid Foam Insulation

Rigid foam sheathing is perfect for new home construction or any kind of remodeling. It offers great insulation and can be used on the inside or outside of your house.

If you are looking for insulation to help make your home more energy efficient, spray foam insulation is the best choice. It is costly, but it will likely pay for itself in less than 3 years.

Department of Energy data shows an insulation can save you as much as 40% on your energy bills. Spray foam is a two-component mixture consisting of chemicals that are combined and then spray to fill and seal any cracks or gaps that promote thermal bridging (heat transfer).

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam takes a short time to expand from a liquid form to 100x its size, ensuring that it covers the entire area you had in mind. Spray foam also seals the space, leaving no gaps for leakage of warm air. In comparison, other types of insulation may leave gaps between outer surfaces and interior walls of your house.

Spray Foam Insulation Today's foam has the highest R-value available at 6.88 per inch. This can be achieved by our professional installation - creating a complete seal that provides unsurpassed insulation.

This type of insulation is highly recommended in Snohomish county because it can help reduce moisture and may eliminate the need for an air filtration system by reducing allergens that are able to get into the house.

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Facts about the city:

Lake Stevens can be found in certain parts of Washington and is famously known for hosting a city with the same name. It borders the municipality of Marysville to the northwest and Snohomish to the south.

The population of the city is currently at about 33,911 according to the last census. However there are unofficial estimates that indicate that this number has grown, but no official data has been released yet.

The lake was named in 1859 for territorial governor Isaac Stevens, who was also responsible for naming the Skykomish River. The Pilchuck River basin is where the tribe originally resided.

The first settlement was built on Lake Stevens in 1889. It was later sold to The Rucker Brothers who opened a sawmill in 1907, which helped the area to grow, but it closed in 1925 after the second

The Lake Stevens area was once a resort community before it became a commuter town in the 1960s and 1970s.

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