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Most homes can have insulation installed in spaces other than living areas, like where hot air tends to enter through your home's walls. Even older homes can benefit from this installation.

To prevent hot air buildup in your attic, make sure to spend the time and money on insulating it. Without insulation, the heat will rise straight to the top.

Insulation can help prevent extreme temperature fluctuations in your home by trapping some heat at ground level.

Floors are also a great way to use your space - make sure to take advantage of the ground or first floor of your building rather than just looking up. It can also provide a good source of warmth for working spaces like garages.

Spray Foam Insulation Today is the best choice for Bothell insulation services. With us, you can get access to the latest cutting-edge insulation technology.


Insulation is crucial for regulating heat levels in your home. Without it, you'll waste plenty of energy and money. So if you haven't already, consider adding insulation today!

Instead of buying air conditioning units, which are expensive, you can instead invest in Insulation. This could save you up to 40% on what you spend on heating or cooling costs.

A lot of people think that installing insulation requires a large upfront fee, but this is actually a one-time investment that pays off after only a few years.

Types of Insulation

Insulation companies will often have specials on insulation materials like polyester-filled blanket batts, glass wool wraps, recycled paper rolls, and more. These are all cost-effective options that are great for DIY projects.

Attic Insulation

Although they're less effective than other types of insulation, attic thermal insulation can be installed improperly which can negate the benefit of having them in place.

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Some types of batt and roll insulation can cause dust to accumulate. Dust is bad for your health and can lead to lung cancer.

One insulation option is loose fill. It's made of lots of airy pads and tends to be used in low-hanging spaces, like valleys or the edge of your roof. There are usually periodic upkeep checks which determine how well it absorbs heat, but over time insulation will likely degrade and become less effective.

Wall Insulation

Meanwhile, insulation can cover all of your walls and makes your house feel really good. All you have to do is cut it and put it around electric wires or pipes.

Insulation boards are excellent ways of stopping insects from chewing through them which is especially helpful in buildings with a tendency to be infested. They also act as a moisture barrier and are more expensive than other insulation materials.

Spray foam insulation is a type of home insulation that can create a tight seal and also acts as a good thermal barrier. It helps block sound as well, making it one of the best types of home insulation.

This spray foam insulation is easy to install! It fills the cavities in your walls and expands to fill all gaps, which means there are no cold air leaks.

Professional Home Insulation Contractor

If your home needs insulation, there are new kinds of spray foam insulation that can be applied to old homes or new ones. They offer good insulation, and you won't have to worry about getting all of the foam in your clothes either.

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New advances in insulation technology have eliminated the need for tear-down walls. Upgrades can now be done without interfering with your home's exterior.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation has been shown to provide a great deal of benefits including reducing heating & cooling costs. Also, because it's durable, it'll work to keep you warm or cool for many years to come.

Installing a sprinkler system protects your home from fire damage, decreases the risk of house fires, and also increases the value for prospective buyers.

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Our insulation jobs, like most of our services, can be done by professional installers and DIY personnel. A lot of people donít want to take the risk themselves, but it is possible and can save money if you do your own DIY installation.

Garage Insulation

We can install new insulation to a wide range of places, from a crawl space to a garage. We always provide the best service possible.

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Bothell is located on the shore of Lake Washington, just north of Seattle. It's about 25 minutes away from Bellevue and 30 minutes away from Redmond.

The City of Bothell has a total area of 13.7 square miles (35.48 km2), all land.

Bothell straddles two counties (King and Snohomish). Because most streets in Bothell are numbered and not named, the street numbers often change when crossing into a different county. King County Road 104th Ave NE becomes Snohomish County Road 23rd Ave SE when crossing the county line.

The Bothell tree wetland is an important roosting site for crows. At times, they gather in groups of up to 16,000 and come from as far as Seattle.

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