Roof Insulation

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Giving your roof insulation instead of your attic might make more sense for certain houses.

Super Attic insulation is based on an uninterrupted layer of rigid foam insulation, which should be placed just below the rafters for best results.

Efforts to improve energy efficiency can be a little more difficult on the top level of a building. Cooling the house on hot days is a challenge, as you have fewer windows and less insulation up there.

When the weather is hot, having an extra layer of protection against blaring-hot roof temperatures is a must. You can do this by installing an attic fan or by venting hot air up through your roof's underlayment.

Adding attic insulation and roof insulation will help regulate your room's temperature and also save you money on energy.

If you don't want to bother with storing things in your attic, insulating your roof is a viable alternative. Proper ventilation and insulation can make a big difference in the feel and performance of your home.

If you use most of your attic space, if it contains HVAC equipment or you plan on converting your attic into a room one day, it's typically better to insulate the roof.

Homeowners know from experience that homes with good insulation are a lot more comfortable and cost a lot less to maintain.

With insulation installed, your attic becomes part of the building envelope. This means that it will be warmer and the same temperature as the rest of your home.

Extremely Efficient Brilliant Insulation Systems

We’re the leading experts when it comes to smart roof insulation. We’ve found that for many homeowners, two different forms of roof insulation can satisfy their needs and desires with a tailored solution.

Spray foam insulation provides an added element of protection against the roof and walls. It expands when sprayed so it only needs one thin coat.

Silverglo™ - Silverglo is the perfect choice for a rafter system. It has thick panels underneath which can provide an uninterrupted thermal barrier and they also stop air from escaping from the envelope.

Spray foam insulation - Some roofs are very complicated and often not a good match for Silverglo boards. SPF can be a good compromise though.

By stirring together two liquids before applying them, SPF creates a foaming effect that expands to fill the gaps between the rafters.

A high R-Value is typically required for spray foam insulation and a spray foam insulation installation can also be a more permanent solution too. We can help you to find the perfect balance between performance, budget, and logistics.

Don’t neglect your attic

Spray Foam Insulation Today has state-of-the-art, affordable options for roof insulation. This includes the attic and other parts of your home

If you want your wallet to stay the size it is while also saving money on home expenses, call today for more information about spray foam insulation or other insulation types.

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