Attic Roof

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Attic rafter insulation: one of the best ways to protect your roof is by placing a continuous layer of rigid foam insulation just beneath the rafters as shown in this picture.

Insulation is a vital component of an energy-efficient home. It benefits the environment because it prevents waste heat transfer, which can cause much more CO2 emissions. Installation is much easier when done correctly so be sure to research before you buy your insulation.

Learn all about the many benefits of insulation - just one installation pays for itself in no time. You'll be able to keep your home warm without spending more money on bills.

For the best energy efficiency, attic insulation is typically installed either on the floor of the attic or beneath the roof. If you live in your attic or use it for storage, insulated be can up to 40% less than outdoor conditions.

The following are all the items that can go into your attic roof for insulation:

Fiberglass batt insulation

This can be a confusing term, but a baffle is usually a strip of wood placed between the rafters up in your attic. These baffles help to prevent warm air from rising and entering the attic. It should also go under the sheathing or roof material that's been installed.

Attic ventilation is essential for keeping your home comfortable so this enclosure achieves that by letting fresh air in through the soffit cladding. The baffle lets the hot air escape through the ridge vents.

Spray foam insulation

This type of insulation is sprayed as a thin layer between the roof rafters. This can be controversial as it blocks ventilation and lets trapped moisture accumulate, leading to the compromised roof sheathing.

Rigid Foam insulation

Rigid-foam insulation is installed between or beneath the rafters of your attic. It can also be combined with a radiant barrier for extra energy efficiency. This will provide increased performance and more value to your home.

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