Loft Ceiling Insulation

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Ceilings that are lofted are usually found between the rafters. As an example, take a look at the ceilings in that picture. The insulation is then placed over the rafters before the ceiling cover is put into place.

Lofts have many of the qualities of a cathedral ceiling. This means that part or all of the ceiling section will follow the roof's slope.

Insulation is very difficult to install properly. This is because the insulation thickness can only be as thick as the width of your rafters.

Another downside of installing recessed lights is insulation. The body of the light will either create a gap for cold or heat to escape during the winter and warmer months, respectively.

Make sure to seal areas around recessed lights to stop energy loss

It may not be possible to install additional insulation in the thin ceiling space of this type.

More about roof insulation

Sealing or covering the edges of fixtures can help seal them and prevent air from escaping. However, the fitting is not available for all sizes & models of diffusers.

New Construction & Loft Ceiling Insulation Options

Making use of surface-mount lights in the ceiling is an excellent option for loft ceilings. It reduces the gap in insulation and helps to stop energy loss.

If fiberglass batts have been installed between the rafters, think about changing the R-value with a layer of rigid foam insulation just underneath the rafter before finishing the ceiling. You'll be well on your way to reducing energy consumption in your home.

An uninterrupted layer of rigid foam insulation can make a huge impact on energy efficiency, R-Value, and the loss of air.

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