We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Nowadays, many homes and offices are going green by investing in weatherization. This means that not only will you save energy, but your home will be more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Air Leak Sealing - Spray foam is an excellent way to seal any leaks for a more energy-efficient home.

The right kind of weatherization can help protect your home against the elements. It is an important consideration for insulation, to be ready for unpredictable weather.

Body seals are a big part of home weatherization- stopping water leaks is the easy part of this process. Stopping water from coming in is both predictable and easy to identify.

For example, if the foundation is leaking there'll be a puddle on the floor of your basement. If you notice any damp marks on the ceiling it might be because you've got a leaky roof.

It’s much more difficult to find an air leak. There is nothing you can really see, usually. There are signs that one may occur, however - the room will be drafty either hot or cold, dark spaces on ceilings or upper levels might show through warm lighting. It may be hard to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from without help though

Air leaks will wreak havoc on your budget and your confidence. The heating and cooling systems have to work overtime costing you more than you bargained for. Air leaks essentially cost you as they leak money as well as air out of the house.

The Majority of homes must have weatherization because of two common problems.

Insufficient insulation and too much air leakage - are the most common issues that arise as a house is being built

Professionals such as electricians, plumbers, or contractors make cuts. Contracting and expanding materials is also a common occurrence for any home over time.

Finding a good energy-efficient type of insulation is the best way to keep your house warm.

Energy audits help to decide the importance of different types of weatherization.

Weatherization is an extensive process, but there are many ways to make it go faster. An energy audit can help homeowners avoid the confusion of which steps to take first!

More about Weatherization:

Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits are a definitive way to figure out where the leaks in your home are and how they will help make you feel confident about home energy efficiency. The following are some of the weatherization issues we can help you identify:

  • Air leaks in the basement, attic, and in conditioned spaces
  • Significant Leakage Areas (fireplace, basement, recessed light fixtures, drop-down stairs, crawl spaces, rim joists etc.)
  • Current levels of insulation in the basement crawlspace, attic, or conditioned areas
  • Duct insulation or ducts leaking
  • Exterior door & Window weather-stripping

Weatherization Plans

You could save a lot of money by performing an energy audit. Make sure your house is properly weatherized and will be less prone to leaks while allowing you to use less energy.

An audit may also provide recommendations on how to make your business more energy efficient. The top priority will always be weatherization improvements since they are the most cost-effective way to reduce expenses.

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