To Stop Drafts: Backdraft Dampers

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Backdraft dampers and butterfly dampers help keep your home energy efficient. As a valve that only opens one way, they close the vents and prevent air from flowing into your home without you needing to be there.

Who doesn't want to improve their home's indoor air quality? An external backdraft damper is perfect for families who want to save on energy costs, too.

The Design of Back draft dampers

A Butterfly damper is a common design for a backdraft damper. It can be made of either aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.

Inside the backdraft damper are one or two pivoting blades. They move away from each other to create resistance, which makes it work like the Butterfly Damper.

More about weatherization

When there is air coming through the vent, the blades stay open. When airflow is stopped, it will close.

Butterfly dampers are able to block up to 99.9% of the airflow in the wrong direction. You can also get cylindrical side wall dampers. These dampers will help protect from harsh weather or from wind gusts.

A new style of backdraft damping includes a sleeve called a “Cape” that allows air to flow without getting interrupted but stops it when going the wrong way.

With a larger vent, the flow of air is not blocked. Plus, no moving parts mean that noise is minimal.

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