Rockwool Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Rockwool insulation looks and feels just like fiberglass and edges it in both R-value and in terms of durability. It's also less flammable than fiberglass. Rockwool is also available in blankets- so you can completely cover an area with the same insulation material.

Rockwool is environmentally friendly because it's recyclable. It comes from the process of making steel and would otherwise be thrown away.

Strong Resistance to Heat

No other fabric is as resistant as Rockwool when it comes to high temperatures. It is guaranteed not to melt below 2000 degrees and will also work well in even the most challenging of environments - moisture, mold, UV rays- all have a hard time affecting it.

One great thing about mineral wool is that it doesn't absorb water and remains stable during high humidity conditions. Not to mention, it's more durable than fiberglass insulation. With a few different finishing options, this insulation will last a long time.

Have you used fiberglass in the past? If so, it is easy to install Rockwool. Unfortunately, Rockwool isn't as popular and can be hard to find.

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