Renton History Museum

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The history museum is a must-see for any visitor to Renton. The building, which once served as an art deco fire station, now houses the exhibits inside its metal doors after being transformed with old photographs along every wall.

The pictures tell much about what has happened to this city over many years - from early settlement days through modern times. The Renton fire station was built in the early ’40s and has served as a museum since 1984. The building houses many exhibits that tell Renton’s story, from its history through modern times.

Located at 235 Mill Ave S, Renton, WA 98057, the Renton History Museum is a great place to visit, not only for history buffs but also for people looking forward in time. The museum has regular exhibits and public programs that offer something new every day of the week.

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Visitors to the Renton History Museum can learn about local history and culture in a fun, interactive environment. The Renton Historical Society is committed to programming and partnering with City Hall on this joint initiative that offers many different opportunities.

When the residents of Renton wanted to revitalize their downtown, they had no one place for all these different interests. That is why in 2014, business owners and property holders joined together with community activists from around town - including representatives from City Hall-to create an organization focused on bringing new life into the Renton area.

The Museum of Renton has more than 90,000 objects and 13k photographs that document the town’s social/civic life from 1880 to 1940. The most notable are photos showcasing local coal mining operations and railroads in this period -both ones who played significant roles when it came down to creating our modern world.

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There is always something new to see at the museum. Recent exhibits include 100 Years of Renton High, Sustaining a City, and The Twilight Zone Art Show - all of which are worth checking out if you have time. A recent addition was “Hero’s Feast: Finding Community through Dungeons & Dragons. You will like this piece because it shows how people can find role models in even the most unusual places.

The Renton History Museum has two fabulous self-guided walking tours available to explore the history of this great city. From long lost structures, like an old church or hospital building that was once located where you can see it today in our backyard along with some other mysteries buried beneath time, there’s plenty here for every visitor.

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