Peyrassol Cafe

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Located at 1083 Lake Washington Blvd N #30, Renton, WA 98056, the Peyrassol Cafe is a fantastic spot for family-friendly dining in Renton, Washington. The cozy atmosphere and kind staff make it the perfect spot to have your meal while relaxing. There are a lot of good restaurants in downtown Renton, but if you want something unique and different, then Peyrassol is the place for your meal. It has an old-fashioned feel with its wooden furniture and photos displayed around town.

The Peyrassol Cafe is a small, cozy restaurant founded in 2010 by Scott and Sachia. The inspiration for the business came during their time as engaged couples when they were presented with an opportunity to turn one of those “small sandwich shops” into something different- more personal than just another fast-food joint.

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It’s hard to tell that this restaurant is anything but the standard neighborhood joint until you take a bite into one of their dishes. Their food has been renowned for its high quality, with flavors inspired by the Mediterranean and traditional American cuisine, all superbly prepared using locally grown ingredients when possible.

Their eggs come from Stiebrs Farms, Cage-Free; Grand Central Bakery makes the bread, and their coffee beans are sustainably grown. They offer a variety of meats that you can find in your local grocery store or restaurant chain, such as roasts at Caffé Umbria. Their sustainably raised meats come from the best of places-landscapes that are just beyond beautiful; From Draper Valley & RR Ranch in Washington to Carlton Farms Oregon and Snake River Farms, Idaho.

They serve fresh seafood delivered twice a week from Key City Fish Co., and they make their pastries & pizzas with Shepherd’s Grains flour. There are locally sourced craft beers on tap, an excellent wine list, and original cocktails that will keep you coming back for more.

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Peyrassol Cafe has a wide variety of pastries and pasta dishes made with Shepherd’s Grains flour, ground from grains grown in the PNW. They also offer hand-dipped salted caramels house churned frozen custard desserts featuring seasonal local fruits & berries to make your meal complete. 

Food and wine are the most important components of any great experience when you think about it. At Peyrassol, they strive for that same level of excellence in everything their restaurant does—from its rustic homemade dishes with familiar flavors served by passionate staff members who pair them beautifully alongside an inspired selection from around France’s vineyards or cocktails crafted just how you like them.

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