Greenwood Memorial Park Funeral Home, Renton

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If you're looking for a spot of tranquility, then Greenwood Memorial Park is the perfect destination. It's 40 acres in size and famous because it contains many notable people like Jimi Hendrix who have chosen this memorial park as their final resting place. There are also magnificent granite domes on display here thatched by wildflowers during the season.

With a commitment to excellence, Greenwood Memorial Park and the Greenwood Funeral Home in Renton work hard each day so that they can serve your family's needs with dignity. When a loved one passes away, it is essential to have someone who understands and cares about your needs. The funeral home staff can offer you compassion in difficult times while providing simple arrangements for services at both locations with the convenience of parking close by onsite.

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Thousands of fans come to the Greenwood Memorial Park every year to visit Jimi Hendrix's grave and pay their respects. A bronze statue stands in the center representing him as a left-handed electric guitarist with his instrument held proudly high towards heaven - just like he would have wanted it.

The old, beautiful cemetery is a peaceful place for those who have lost their loved ones to rest. The memorial park was established in 1910 and featured mature trees and lawns so that visitors could enjoy the serenity while sitting next to one another under clear blue skies or overlooking lush green hillsides.

The old cemetery is a peaceful and serene refuge for those who wish to remember their loved ones authentically. Last year, the memorial park was renovated, giving it more modern facilities while retaining its traditional beauty with mature trees on lawns that slope towards Lake Washington Boulevard. Greenwood Funeral Home prides itself in providing a welcoming and inclusive service.

Their funeral directors are well versed with the wide range of customs from all cultures, religions, or backgrounds; they will make sure your loved one is treated respectfully throughout their final goodbye process.

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The memorial park offers a wide range of funeral services to meet the needs and desires of each individual. They have held events in our facility that accommodate Filipino, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, and Hmong families, among others. Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, non-denominational, or non-religious, they will ensure your loved one is cared for during their final journey.

The interior decor of their funeral home was professionally updated in 2017, and they continually work to improve the facilities. They have new furniture that gives each space a contemporary look with calming wall colors for those who need help staying calm during their time here or after departure from services held at The Greenwood Funeral Home. They also installed modern light fixtures, which give any room an elegant glow without being too bright, so it's comfortable all day long.

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