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When you think of the best suburbs in Washington, Kennydale is likely at or near the top. This residential neighborhood lies on Renton and has a population density that makes it an excellent place for families who want more space than they’ll often find within city limits but don’t have enough acreage to warrant calling themselves country folk.

The Kennydale neighborhood median price is $913329, which means it’s more expensive than 82.5% of neighborhoods around Washington and 91% of U.S. neighborhoods. But if that’s something your budget can accept, then check out the amazing properties in this neighborhood.

The average cost of renting in this area is higher than the national average and higher than 87.7% of the neighborhoods in Washington. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,126; however, that number may vary depending on what type or size property you’re looking for - from studios up to four bedrooms.

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The Kennydale neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something between the hustle and bustles of downtown living but still want green space. You’ll find everything from studio apartments all the way up through four-bedroom houses here in Kennydale.

Kennydale is a diverse neighborhood with many different types of homes. The majority are newer construction, built between 1970 and 1999 in addition to some pre-2000 models that offer older architecture for those who want it. There are a lot of different people living in the Kennydale neighborhood. Some homes are owned by their occupants, while others may be rented.

When it comes to income, the Kennydale neighborhood in Renton ranks as an above-average area. This area has a higher proportion of residents with high incomes than 75% percent of U.S neighborhoods.

A majority of Kennydale’s working population (47%) are employed as executives, managers, and professionals. The second most important occupational group is sales/service-related jobs with 20%. Other residents here have clerical or tech support positions, which account for 17%. Manufacturing laborers make up 14%, while only 11 percent work within professional industries such as engineering and science fields that often require higher levels of education beyond high school graduation diplomas.

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The languages spoken by residents in the Kennydale neighborhood are as diverse and colorful as the residents themselves. This list represents what we’ve found to be most common, with English coming out on top at 69%. Other important languages include Spanish (about 15%), Tagalog/Filipino(the first language of the Philippine region), Chinese & Vietnamese., which each account for less than about 5% but still have their own special place here.

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