East Renton Highlands

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East Renton Highlands is a quaint and quiet neighborhood in the city of Renton, WA. It's located on top-tier land with beautiful homes that offer privacy for its owners because it can be difficult to find space here.

The East Renton Highlands neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Washington, with a median real estate price that surpassed $749 thousand dollars. This makes it more costly than 79% percent of all other neighborhoods across our great state.

East Renton Highlands is a great place to live if you're looking for spacious homes with amenities. The cost of renting a home in this area is higher than 97.3% of other neighborhoods around Washington, with an average rental price of $3,834 or more per month.

The gorgeous homes in East Renton Highlands will make you feel like royalty. There are multitudes of different types and sizes to choose from, so no matter what your needs may be, whether it's just looking for an investment property or wanting something more permanent - there is sure not going anywhere else other than here.

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The area of East Renton Highlands is a great place to live if you're looking for single-family homes and mobile homes. The neighborhood has a variety of different sizes available, from small townhouses perfect as an investment property or temporary living space all the way up to large residences with multiple bedrooms if your family needs them.

The East Renton Highlands neighborhood is a beautiful place to call home. It's not just because of its many mature trees and green trim spaces, but also for the historical residences that have been there since before you were born.

With so many older, well-established homes in this area, you will never feel like your house isn't safe with all of its history. And if it's newer than 1970, then chances are excellent that there were some masterful builders who made sure every inch had been thought through from top-to-bottom - which means even though these houses may have appeared on our radar recently, they've really grown into themselves over time because their foundation has been laid strongly since before we knew what good design was about here at first glance.

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The East Renton Highlands neighborhood is not just a great place for families; it's one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Washington State. You have access to some top public schools and low crime rates. The strong sense community provides even more opportunities: many other people live here, making your child feel like they're part of an average-sized community with big-city amenities.

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