Renton Civic Theatre

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Renton Civic Theatre is the perfect place to see your favorite play or musical with a long history of producing top-quality performances. They offer old-school shows with standup comedy and dramas as well.

The Renton Civic Theatre, WA, was founded in 1987 by local volunteers to provide an opportunity for the people of this city. The founders recognized what few options there were at that time, which led them towards establishing their own performing arts theatre from scratch - with help coming solely through donations and fundraising efforts.

The old movie house became boards up again but not before its interior could be transformed into something new. On this world-class stage, artists are always given full reign over whatever project catches their eye, whether it's musicals or dramas and comedies.

The Seattle Foundation helped build an orchestra pit at Renton Civic Theatre in 1991, with support from Boeing Company. This allowed for the first major production to take place within its newly constructed facility - "The Music Man" played host that falls playing sold-out houses every night.

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With help coming primarily through donations accumulated via campaign advertising tactics like 'buy-the seats,' it wasn't long before this small community arts center owned everything needed to move forward into future endeavors while still maintaining what makes them unique today.

Since its inception, Renton Civic Theatre has been the premier venue for quality theater in Greater Puget Sound. Offering a wide variety of productions ranging from mainstream musicals and popular shows to unusual off-beat classics, you will be sure to have something that you'll love. For over 20 years, this organization has strived not just by delivering great performances but also by being an engaging audience experience waiting room where children can learn about acting skills while adults enjoy some laughs or get caught up on world news before heading out into our busy lives again.

Renton Civic Theatre has established itself as a premier venue for family-friendly performances with the recent renovations. The art deco lobby and concession area were restored with grants from local arts commissions and donations given to non-profit fundraisers to make donors who may not want their money going towards something like this but still enjoy seeing live shows.

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Situated at 507 S 3rd St, Renton, WA 98057, the abandoned 1920s movie house was repaired and renovated to become one of the most famous venues for live performances in all America. It's home to "Yo!" And it Booked 'Grease' its first musical production. Renton Civic Theatre has been a major venue for high-quality theatre in the Greater Puget Sound region, featuring presentations from popular shows and mainstream musicals to unusual off-beat works.

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