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Discovery Park is located on the beautiful Puget Sound in Magnolia, Seattle, WA. Spanning over 534-acres (2.16 km2), this park is perfect for visitors looking for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or kayaking the water's edge with views of Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains.

It is the city's largest public park, housing 11.81 miles of walking trails. The United Indians of All Tribes' Daybreak Star Cultural Center is based here too.

A lighthouse is found at the West Point of Elliott Bay, the westernmost point of the park and Seattle. To its south is the sewage treatment plant, but it is almost entirely hidden from view behind vegetation.

The Discovery Park Loop Trail is a 2.8 mile (4.5 km) long, designated National Recreation Trail and connects to the other trails in the park.

Fort Lawton had historic significance, thus the park is located on these grounds. Some parts of Fort Lawton are within the park while some still fall under military influence. The West Point lighthouse is also in this area.

Both the lighthouse and the FLHD (Flathead Lake Historical Society & Museum) are designated by the National Register of Historic Places. Forests, beaches, prairies, and bluffs primarily make up this North American landscape.

The park is one of the best hotspots for viewing wildlife in this area, especially birds. Seattle Audubon Society has compiled a list of 270 different species from which you can choose from.

Elliott Bay and Shilshole Bay have harbored seals and California sea lions while the wooded areas support Townsend's chipmunks.

The loop trail is a great hike that runs through all sorts of different habitats and offers beautiful views of Puget Sound. Some buildings in the area stand in semi-ruined states, but it provides a place for visitors to experience a piece of history

The beach is reachable by car or foot. However, a permit has to be obtained before driving down the only road there.

You can request a free permit online at our website and we'll generate one for you. Qualified individuals include those with children 7 and under, seniors 62+, and those with a physical disability.

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The North Beach is on the leeward side and has views of Shilshole Bay. At the point between the north and south beaches is West Point Lighthouse and West Point.

Coniferous forests can be found in the North Bluff area, and can be accessed from a road that leads to the beach. You'll find deciduous woods surrounding two parking lots and a visitor center, with meadow overlooking South Bluff.

The trees that make up the greatest proportion of the tree cover in this park are: bigleaf maple, western red cedar, and Douglas-fir.

Invasive plants, such as the Himalayan blackberry, Scotch broom, English ivy, and holly are deeply rooted throughout the country. To counteract this problem you have to continuously manage these plants that are invasive.

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