Seattle Aquarium

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The Seattle Aquarium is a public aquarium in Seattle Washington, accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The aquarium was opened in 1977 and since then has provided educational programs, animal care, exhibitions, and research initiatives working to fuel conservation challenges facing the world's aquatic treasures

Our aquarium opened on May 20, 1977, and was part of the City of Seattle's Department of Parks and Recreation for many years before coming under the management of The Seattle Aquarium.

The nonprofit Seattle Aquarium Society - the 501(c)(3) nonprofit for the aquarium - took over management on July 1, 2010. Bassetti/Norton/Metler/Rekevics were the architects for this building.

The aquarium aims to promote marine conservation and educate people about the impact of human activity on the marine environment. It educates over 800,000 visitors a year (including 50,000 students) and conducts research in these fields

Our recent expansion included a gift store and café, as well as two new exhibits: Window on Washington Waters and Crashing Waves.

Window on Washington Waters was created in the 2007 expansion and includes a 120,000-US-gallon (450,000 l) tank that captures the coastal waters of Washington State from about 5 to 60 feet (1.5 to 18.3 m). You can find local sea life such as jellyfish and salmon if you visit.

A number of dive shows are available daily, where divers with masks on can talk to visitors.

Crashing Waves is a 40ft wave tank that mimics Washington shores! It begins at the intertidal zone and hits a depth of about 5ft.

Life on the Edge has been open since 2002 and features two large exhibit pools that allow visitors to interact with the tidepool life. Visitors can see animals of Washington's outer coast and animals found in Seattle's inland sea.

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Life of a Drifter includes a 12-foot high glass donut where visitors can be surrounded by moon jellies, a multi-species display featuring the giant Pacific octopus, and a 13-ft touch table.

Pacific Coral Reef is a manmade, 25,000-US-gallon (95,000 litre) pool that houses fish that live around coral reefs.

Ocean Oddities showcases fascinating sea creatures like the pinecone fish, cowfish, flying gurnards, potbellied seahorses and short dragonfish.

Birds and Shores is a large complex which features three different areas. In Northwest Shores, visitors can see a variety of coastal bird species as they go about their daily lives. The Alcids area features diving birds such as tufted puffins and common murres, while the Shorebird exhibit has waterfowl in all shapes & sizes.

The Marine Mammals area features exhibits for harbor seals, Northern fur seals, sea otters, and river otters. As well as the Orca Family Activity Center.

The Orca Family Activity Center is a good place for visitors to learn about orca whales, Southern Resident Community in particular--especially those who live in Puget Sound.

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