Capitol Hill - Seattle Neighbourhood

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Capitol Hill is a residential district with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs & clubs. It's one of Seattle's most popular entertainment districts with an LGBTQ+ 'gayborhood' and counterculture community.

Capitol Hill was first called Broadway Hill, after the neighborhood's main roadway/street. But it's true origins are unknown.

James Moore, the real estate developer who first created the city of Seattle, supposedly named it as he wished for Olympia to become the state capitol. He hoped this would happen by default as people from all over relocating to Seattle from other parts of Washington State.

There are two stories about how Moore came up with his name. The first is that he was inspired by the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado - his wife's hometown. But according to author Jacqueline Williams, it's likely that both stories are true.

The name "Catholic Hill" was given to the neighborhood in the past because of its large Catholic population.

One of the wealthiest areas in Seattle is Capitol Hill. Home to some of the city's most desirable neighborhoods, including Millionaire's Row on 14th Ave. E. south of Volunteer Park (family residences on tree-lined streets) and the Harvard-Belmont Landmark District.

The neighborhood is home to many beautiful apartments, including several by Fred Anhalt, as well as a few surviving Classical Revival complexes such as the Blackstone Apartments.

Historically, the neighborhood is known for its abundance of charming old buildings with diverse styles. However, most of these were constructed in the 1800's and weren't equipped for post WWII improvements in housing.

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The George Floyd protests were highly controversial, with many accusing the protesters of violence. Nevertheless, they were also one of the main catalysts of cultural change in Seattle. They did this by interrupting routines and stationing themselves around the SPD station on Capitol Hill. This is why some people refer to it an autonomous zone or CHAZ.

The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle's central business district has a lot going for it. It is located on a steep hill that's east of downtown, Capitol Hill is bound on the west end by Interstate 5 (near Downtown and Eastlake) and State Route 520 to the north.

The boundaries of Capitol Hill are to the south by E. Pike and E. Madison Streets, beyond which you enter the First Hill neighborhood; and to the east by 23rd and 24th Avenues E., beyond which is Madison Valley.

Capitol Hill's main street is Broadway. It's the commercial heart of the area and full of shops and restaurants. 10th, 12th, 15th, and 19th Avenues are among other major streets in Capitol Hill, running north - south. E. Pine, E. Pike, E. John, E. Thomas & E. Aloha Streets are also included.

There is a large amount of interesting & diverse retail on E. Pine Street, Broadway, 15th Ave and E. Olive Way with some good examples being the Seattle Thunderbirds Store at Capitol Hill Station and Victrola Coffee Roasters

The Pike-Pine corridor (the area between Pike and Pine streets) from Boren Avenue through 15th Street is full of coffeeshops, bars, restaurants, and other food & music businesses. It's also a major thoroughfare that runs through Capitol Hill.

The neighborhood is mostly made up of mid-rise buildings that are home to a mix of businesses.

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