Lake City - Seattle Neighbourhood

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Lake City is the northeast region of Seattle, centered along the highway named Lake City Way.

Land in the Lake City area can be defined as encompassing all land between 15th Avenue NE and the Seattle city limit at NE 145th Street.

Lake City encompasses a large portion of the Thornton Creek watershed, a campaign that has been going on for a long time to clean up and enhance the environment around Lake City. Citizens have been working hard together with Seattle Public Utilities staff to do this.

Lake City has been inhabited since the end of the last ice age which happened about 10,000 years ago.

The Lake People, now of the Duwamish tribe, Lushootseed Coast Salish, lived in diffuse permanent settlements along the shore of Lake Washington and would disperse during Summer and live in large cedar long houses during the winter.

The Lake City area was clearcut around the start of the 20th century by crude wagon road and/or by using Lake Washington.

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In the 1870s, a neighborhood of German immigrants from Breslau called 'A Little Germany' formed in what is now an area around Nathan Hale High School.

The SS&E Railway operated a passenger station nearby the current location of NE 115th Street called Lake City. Residents there, inspired by a nearby lake, dubbed the area "Lake City" in 1906 after development started to happen.

Seattle's development has always been impacted by the auto industry. As cars became more popular, buildings were erected nearby major roads rather than trolley stops which was common in historical neighborhoods. An example is the road to Bothell and Everett - this was made all-weather with brick in 1918 before it too succumbed to today's suburban landscape.

The automobile had a significant impact on the development of Lake City. It was relatively remote and suburban from Seattle until years after World War 2.

In 1935, when Lake City's library began as a few shelves of books in a room in the Lake City School, it was sponsored by the Pacific Improvement Club.

Lake City incorporated as a township in 1949, but the population increased rapidly in the post-war years. It was due to a lot of young suburban families moving into the area which caused this rapid growth.

In 1954, the City of Seattle annexed Lake City and several other communities as its city limits were expanded from 85th Street to 145th Street. The following year Scout Troop 240 and other volunteers moved thousands of books into a new library building.

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