Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

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The beautiful Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park is a public park located in Renton, Washington, along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington. It consists of 57 acres and water, including 5 acres for grass and 439 feet longshore line that runs through its length. Located near Lake Washington and the industrial railroads, this site was previously used for various purposes throughout the late 19th century.

The park has been designed to be an oasis in the middle of downtown. It's nestled between two buildings, with trees spaced out along their avenues and open fields separating them from each other - creating this feeling that you're taking a step back into time when life was simpler than ever.

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Additionally, the design includes a variety of different interviewing paths. This is meant to facilitate small or large group land use and helps keep your event more personalized for you. The 1985 National Geographic Society award ceremony saw the park winning an unprecedented second prize given only to works considered one of the finest landscape architecture in this country.

Visitors to Gene Coulon Beach Park will enjoy a variety of entertainment options. The two-mile walking path alongside the beach offers plenty for strolls, while their popular restaurants Kidd Valley and Ivar's Seafood Bar serve all the tourists and residents of Renton with their desired food when they visit the park.

The Gene Coulon Beach Park is always a popular destination with locals and visitors alike. The new park equipment added in 2020 will make it even better. There's an eight-lane boat/canoe launch, four covered pavilions that include barbecue pits, as well as swimming beaches where lifeguards are on duty daily to keep you safe from any dangers along the ocean floor or shoreline.

No matter how far out into deeper water someone may go, they will not be afraid. There are boats available for use at all times, just like if one person wanted only some peace & quiet. At the same time, another might prefer not having anything blocking his view of whatever afar offshore scenery he finds himself enjoying.

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Two restrooms occupy opposite ends of the park. However, you cannot bring your furry friends when you visit the park as dogs are not permitted there, so it's best to leave them at home.

The Gene Coulon Beach Park is located at 1201 Lake Washington Blvd N, Renton, WA 98056, so you, your family, or friends can always visit this beautiful facility to hang out or admire its beauty. 

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