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When you’re looking for the finest antique pieces, Antiques 4U has what it takes. This store is a 3k square foot showroom with beautiful inventory ranging from large to small items and many rare/unique ones. You’ll find everything here, including silverware or curtains from centuries ago - all told through their stories that illustrate how these items became part of history somehow.

Haggle over the price of your favorite antique piece with this 3,000 square foot store that has both large and small antiques. Many are rare or unique items with features telling their story for you to discover.

Antiques 4U in the city of Renton specializes in antiques and vintage furniture from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. They have a constantly changing inventory of oak filing cabinets, bookcases, roll-top desks, card catalogs, secretaries sideboards, and settee bedroom sets for your home or office space as well.

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When you walk into their store, it will feel like home. Their showroom has beautiful items that can be admired from all angles and an inviting atmosphere for buyers of any age who might need some help finding their new favorite antique piece.

The first thing visitors of the Antiques 4U will notice are the tasteful displays which illustrate how much thought goes into choosing just one item off of the many in this spacious space. Whether large or small, rare/unique features await those with enough curiosity about themselves ́and others alike.

Antiques 4U are furniture lovers. They want you to have something that will last, be heirloom quality and art in your home for generations - like our family’s antiques which date back several centuries. With Antiques 4U, there is no need to replace or rebuild ever because what goes around comes full circle. This generation passes them down so they can live on through each new generation until finally being showcased with pride at their final resting place.

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At Antiques 4U, they have the perfect piece for you. The shop specializes in antique furniture and lighting from the 1880s to-1920s. Their inventory includes Victorian, Mission-style furnishings and Art Nouveau styles like those found on display at The Met pavilion during its annual architectural exhibit in New York City or anywhere else around the world. These items are popularly known by their native names. If it is called “arts and crafts,” you can probably get your hands on something along those lines, but there might also be some more specific terms, such as ‘primitive’, which would narrow down what you are looking for.

The stacking lawyer bookcases by Globe Wernicke, Macey, and Gunn Furniture Company are some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in this shop.

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