Reflective Material for Insulation - The Radiant Barrier

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Just Like your Car

When your car has been out in the sun for a long period of time, it can get extremely hot. You'll notice that every part of the interior is practically steaming. This happens because solar energy builds up and starts to radiate through the glass and other parts. The sun provides all these other sources for heat as well, so they can account for how your car

Don't let your attic get too warm during the hot summer months. The temperature can quickly rise in both areas and it can negatively affect the temperature of your home by making it hotter and rely more on central air conditioning, which will cause you to pay more on your electricity bill.

As a result, your home will lose comfortable levels and consequently suffer from higher energy consumption.

Reflecting Away Heat

A radiant barrier installed in an attic will deflect the heat from the sun's rays and keep your home cooler all year round. You'll be able to cut down on cooling costs. In winter, this will have the opposite effect.

Adding a radiant barrier on the inside of your home can really help to heat up your living space. In warm climates, add an even greater effect - maybe cutting down AC costs by ten percent or more.

The Silver Lining - Radiant Barriers in your Attic

Radiant barriers are designed to trap heat in the ceiling while preventing it from radiating back down. Although these are usually used in warmer climates, they may also be useful for cooling or heating environments where you have HVAC equipment or air conditioning.

Let the professionals at Spray Foam Insulation Today install a radiant barrier to reflect heat and protect the rafters. The radiant barrier will also improve cooling & heating efficiency in your home.

There are many different reflective barriers. One type of design is a thin polyester sheet with a shiny, reflective finish. This can be placed on one or both sides. Another design has the same look as bubble wrap, but it's made from a special material that reflects more light.

Newly installed bubble insulation is effective at preserving heat or cooling because its small bubbles help it retain more air. These bubbles are easy to install, so all you need to do is place them on top of your existing insulation. However, they will start to lose their reflective ability over time due to dust buildup.


Spray Foam Insulation offers Paint-In-Place, which not only provides a protective barrier from the elements but also makes the lighting brighter and improves energy efficiency. In addition, you can use paint to improve your space for storage needs or to turn your space into a workroom.

Dirty air that enters the attic through leaks or holes can decrease the efficiency of your heater & cooling system. To help prevent this, we recommend installing spray-on radiant barrier insulation at any air leaks you find.

Considering the sheathing of the roof, it would be practical to directly apply a shiny coating. It offers fewer savings than radiant barrier but is easier to install.

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