No Thermal Value for the Sagging, Wet crawl space Insulation

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

Rigid foam insulation will improve your comfort and give you energy savings. Plus it can provide aesthetic benefits too!

Rigid foam insulation is a great alternative to outdated fiberglass insulation. It'll save you money and feel way better, not just in your home but in your monthly energy bills.

Some batts are not recommended to be installed in crawl spaces

Fiberglass allows moisture to easily seep in, so it often clumps together and loses its R-value ability. Eventually, it can fall through the floor

There are many homes with wet, sagging, and fallen insulation in the crawl space. This is very bad as the insulation only does more harm than good at that point.

Even though fiberglass batts are perfect for walls upstairs, they just don't cut it when installed in the crawl space. They retain both mass & moisture in that area of the house.

Especially in spaces that vent their damp air outside. The moist air goes through a condensation process which weakens the wall or ceiling sheathing, and also the joists.

New discovery on crawl space insulation

The rigid foam holds its shape even in moist environments, whereas fiberglass will become spongy. Rigid foam maintains its place and doesn't fall due to gravity. Rigid foam also works as a sealant during the crawl space installation phase.

In the past, a popular material for buildings and structures was Fiberglass, because it was cheaper and more popular than other materials. However, things started to change when people were made aware that fiber light created more problems than it solved.

Now scientists and engineers recommend the area be sealed and encapsulated. They also recommend using sturdy foam to do so.

Sealing is very important for crawlspaces. It ensures that the conditions in the space you're already comfortable with outside of the crawlspace can be maintained. Unlike fiberglass between joists, which can cause hot or cold air to seep in, rigid foam installed against walls help maintain naturally occurring temperatures for your space

This insulation won't lose R-value or move around, which means you have one less thing to worry about. It's also easy to clean.

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