Installing Insulation on the Floor above a Crawl Space

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

The old, damp, dirt-floored space isn't an issue anymore because it has now been transformed into something amazing. It's not just the outdoor air quality that benefits from this new space - durability has also improved as well!

A special waterproofing process takes place and some other products are applied during this time. The problems with air and water leakage will disappear, as well as those related to insulating and soundproofing.

It's vital that you install insulation in your crawl space if you want to keep your living space warmer in the winter and more livable year-round.

Old-fashioned construction required spaces to be ventilated by crawling - but the use of small screened vents that allow air into the crawl space is a much better option.

The builder put layers of fiberglass insulation between each level of the crawl space to make sure the infiltrating cold air doesn't get in and impact the living quarters.

Eventually, people figured out that there was moisture buildup, damaged insulation, mold, and rotting wood that formed due to this method.

Better to insulate walls along the crawl space rather than the floor above it

If the crawl space is to be sealed, we suggest an encapsulation product. This stops air from entering and prevents moisture from getting out.

Careful consideration should be given to the type of access door that is installed in this space. Remember to seal it well so that you are not allowing dampness or moisture into the crawlspace. If there are walls, make sure you protect them with rigid foam insulation because this will help keep them stable and dry.

Rigid foam is the only way to go for basement or crawl spaces. It can ensure that moisture or mold will not get through, and it won't compress, fall out of place or lose the R-value.

Sealing and Encapping will change your damp, moldy crawlspace into something clean and conditioned.

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