Floor Insulation in your Basement

We can fullfill every insulation project you can imagine!

The cold and damp concrete-based flooring will be insulated with excellent insulation materials that can stand up to any type of weather.

Your basement is not just for storage; it can become a more comfortable, higher-quality living space for your family. Add some finishing touches like insulation and you will end up with a comfortable, energy-efficient addition that will save you on your utility bills.

A concrete slab is often found in basements, but serious insulation can result in issues for residents. Works well with ThermalDry thermal underlayment.

You can prevent problems by using proper techniques when installing wood subflooring

Plywood subflooring is a popular method for fighting moisture and cold concrete.

The problem with these floors is that they absorb moisture and attract mold. This can lead to horrific nightmares like decay and collapse. In these situations, the floor will have to be torn out; destroying all of your expensive investment.

Don't get stuck with the wrong insulation for your floor! Give our experts a call and get a free estimate & quote today.

ThermalDry Floor Decking a distinct advantage

  • Cold concrete turns into a comfortable floor. The many layers inside rigid foam insulation create an excellent thermal barrier that keeps the floor nice and warm, compressing heat loss to practically nothing.
  • Forever free of mold & moisture-ThermalDry™ is an effective airborne dust eliminator.
  • ThermalDry can suit a wide range of application needs with its ability to work over any type of concrete slab.
  • Step-by-step instructions on Thermal Dry's website show how to use their panels. The insulation needs no difficult masonry fasteners and can be put up in just one step.

One-Step Installation of both Underlayment & Floor Insulation

A ThermalDry board consists of two materials that are both inorganic. SilverGlo insulated rigid foam is perfect for those who want a lightweight and sustainable construction material. It features graphite and magnesium oxide board, which means there is no worry of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or off-gassing.

Wood materials are susceptible to mold. ThermalDry offers SIlverGlo rigid foam and composite boards, which are made with inorganic materials that won't be damaged by moisture or mold.

Packaged ThermalDry has a clever tongue and groove design. It provides insulation for your slab and underlayment at the same time.

The bottom layer of the thermal dry is a 1-inch pad that insulates the concrete from the floor and creates a continuous barrier. This section will also provide support for an additional 4 inches of thermal protection stack, which can consist of MSE, XPS, or EPS.

One of the best waterproof and lasting bases for finish flooring in basements, composed of a magnesium oxide composite that sticks to foam.

Get the extra comfort of warm carpeting in your basement floor

When you choose Pro Comfort carpeting and put it on top of the ThermalDry, you will have created the perfect combination to cover your cold concrete floors and create a warm, cozy living space.

Pro Comfort Carpeting is the right flooring option for your basement. Its completely inorganic composition means it's mold-resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

Installing both products together will provide a greater, more efficient cooling effect on your floors. The degree of temperature increase can be as much as 17.

The modular design of Pro Comport Carpeting lets them install the product with ease and also gives you the option to replace any areas that need attention at a later date.

Talking to our consultants will help you determine if Spray Foam Insulation Today is worth it for your project. We'll make sure you get the best solution for your needs!

Make your Basement cozy with a solution from Spray Foam Insulation Today

Want to learn more about the extraordinary benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Today? Please contact us for a free estimate. We can provide you with an expert who will tell you all about ThermalDry Insulated floor decking and Pro Comfort Carpeting (among other things).

Our business will service your needs while providing you with uncompromising levels of customer service, personalized attention, and a commitment to excellence.

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