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Washington Park is a public park in Seattle, United States, most of which is taken up by the Washington Park Arboretum. The Arboretum is an exciting new partnership between the University of Washington, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the nonprofit Arboretum Foundation.

Washington Park also has a playfield and Seattle Japanese Garden.

Union Bay is on the north end, Montlake and Madison Valley are to the west, Washington Park is to the south, and Broadmoor Golf Club is on the east end.

Lake Washington Boulevard E. cuts through the park, parallel to the creek. A secondary road named Arboretum Drive E., follows the Arboretum's east until it hits E. Foster Island Road for a small stretch, then continues south.

State Route 520 connects Foster Island to Union Bay Park at the park's northern end. The 520 and Lake Washington Boulevard interconnect just outside the arboretum entrance.

A footpath winds slowly underneath the freeway overpasses, and passes by boardwalks which overlook Lake Washington Ship Canal. It eventually leads into the gardens of the Arboretum.

The Arboretum is best known for Azalea Way, which gives visitors a view of many different colors of azaleas in the spring. It's often used by photographers and other media professionals.

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The manicured Azalea Way stands out in stark contrast with the wild & heavily-canopied Arboretum.

The Washington Park Arboretum is owned by the city, with the UW operating it. It's also been developed so there are both green spaces and gardens in addition to walking trails.

Arboretum Creek is four thousand feet in length and runs completely through the park. It has a width of one hundred and eighty feet and a depth of forty-eight feet.

“Alder Creek,” the source of which are three spring-fed streams in public properties on 26th Avenue East between E. Helen Street and Prospect Street, feeds into the Koi pond in Washington Park near to the playfield.

The Willow Creek Reservoir also has a lot of runoff from The Rhododendron Glen and The Woodland Garden, as well as drainage from the neighboring course.

Passes through Union Bay before emptying into Lake Washington via Willow Bay.

Washington Park used to be a logging area owned by Puget Mill. In 1920, the mill was split into two sections and the eastern 200 acres (0.8 km2) were turned into a golf course, Broadmoor Golf Club.

The Western 230 have been donated to the city, who have then developed it into an arboretum. As per the agreement approved by Washington Park Arbore, the University of Washington agreed to cede control of this arboretum in terms of care and maintenance to Seattle City Council/Mayor - who established a park on this site.

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