Pike Place Market - Seattle Neighbourhood

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Pike Place Market is a public market in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the oldest continuously operated markets and has been open since 1907.

From the Harbor in the north to Puget Sound in the west, Pike Place Market is a wooded cove filled with small farmers, artisans, and merchants. It was named for its original main street that ran northwest from Pike Street to Virginia Street.

Pike Place is the heart and soul of Seattle and is annually visited by at least 10 million people.

The Market is located on the edge of a steep hill. The main floor hosts several different shops, like antique dealers, comic book and collectibles shops, small family-owned restaurants and more.

The upper level of the street features fish, fresh produce & craft stalls operated in covered arcades.

Local farmers & craftspeople sell their goods every day in the Market's arcades from tables they rent per day, with the Market's mission of "Meet the Producer" in mind.

Pike Place Market is now home to 500 residents, with 8 buildings each housing a different group of people. Most of these buildings used to be low-income homes but some of them are more expensive and no longer fall under that category.

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The Pike Place Market is governed by the quasi-government Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA).

The Market is a mixed-use neighborhood in the northwest area of downtown Seattle. Located roughly on the northwest corner of Seattle's Central Business District, it borders Belltown to its north and Elliott Bay to its south. The only boundaries are diagonal due to the street grid being somewhat uneven.

As is common with Seattle neighborhoods and districts, different people and organizations draw different boundaries for the market.

The Neighborhood Atlas in the City Clerk's office offers a better definition of the "Pike-Market" neighborhood, which extends from Union Street northwest to Virginia Street and from the waterfront northeast to Second Avenue.

Despite coming from the City Clerk, this definition does not mean it is more official than other definitions.

The Pike Place Public Market Historic District, an area of approximately 13 acres and adjacent to downtown Seattle, is bounded roughly by First Avenue, Virginia Street, Western Avenue and a building wall about halfway between Union and Pike Streets.

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