Northgate - Seattle Neighbourhood

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Looking for the Northgate community in Seattle? Located in North Seattle, this there are multiple popular places to explore. One of the most well-known is Northgate Park Plaza, known for being the first mall in America with a roof.

The main roads in Lake City are NE Northgate Way and 130th Street. The north-south roads are Roosevelt Way NE and Aurora Ave.

There are five minor arterials in the Northgate district: College Way N, Meridian Ave NE, Merideth NE, Terrace NE, and 15th Ave NE. Interstate 5 also runs through the area.

North Seattle College, the south fork of the Thornton Creek watershed and Seattle Kraken Iceplex center are what set this area apart.

Nowadays Northgate is continuously inhabited, all the way back to the end of the last glacial period.

The Lushootseed Coast Salish people have been using Liq'tid Springs as a spiritual health spa for centuries.

(Bald Head is an) 85-acre (34 ha) marsh and bog at what used to be the NSCC car park, Interstate 5 interchange, and Northgate Mall. They harvested cranberries from it.

Duwamish Native Americans used to maintain large open areas for farming and grazing by burning the grass every few years, but now they live in these neighborhoods.

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The Northgate area has been undergoing a lot of residential and commercial development in recent years, and many large-scale projects are being carried out. Height limits have been increased to allow for further population growth.

The Northgate Mall has undergone major renovations in the past 10 years, adding dozens of new retail shops, an extensive park & library that opened in 2006. This all traces back to the citys plan to revitalize it's economy.

Although there is some commerce in the area, we haven't seen a lot of hotel development. The only upscale hotel we do have is Hotel Nexus and it was formerly a Ramada Inn. It's on Aurora Ave and is up near Aurora Village Way, away from Northgate N.

Mixed-use development in this area is only expected to get denser. Northgate station has been operational since October 2021 and it is the final stop on the Northgate Link extension.

The future headquarters of the Kraken will be at Northgate. They'll be temporarily moving there in 2021 to prepare for their move.

The Idriss Mosque in Pinehurst has architecture unique to Seattle with an octagonal dome and a symbolic minaret, both sheathed in copper with crescent moons. The red brick walls are banded with buff bricks, and tall glass-block windows let in natural light.

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