Thomas Teasdale Park

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Thomas Teasdale Park is a beautiful 10-acre neighborhood park named after the former chairperson for our city’s parks board. The beautiful park with many amenities to enjoy is located at 601 South 23rd St. Renton, WA 98055.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend your time with friends and family, look no further than Thomas Teasdale Park in Renton. The community is fortunate enough that this gorgeous park belongs solely to them. With tennis courts and basketball diamonds, among other fun amenities like playgrounds or summer restrooms - there’s always something going on here at any given moment during the year (and if not, then don’t worry because they have regular hours). This space has been an essential part of Renton over these past decades.

Visitors to Thomas Teasdale Park in Renton can enjoy the park, with no admission fee granted if they bring a newspaper and pen. There are also no concerts happening on any of these days that it’s open - but you have to pay for special events that regularly happen in this facility.

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The Thomas Teasdale Park’s child development center provides the best care for your children. It has a beautiful playground where you can take them while they play with other kids their age, and it’s also close by so that parents won’t have too much trouble getting back to their children after an hour or so.

Thomas Teasdale Park in Renton offers a variety of programs for children, including infant and toddler classes and physical education. The two pavilions that house these activities can be used throughout the year or during summertime when they host swim lessons and theater productions. When the evening sun goes down, your kids can enjoy hours of entertainment in one place with friends. They’ll be able to play games and have fun inside their new adventure-filled pavilion while you’re free from worrying about them outside.  

Like adults, children can enjoy a day at The Thomas Teasdale Park. They will spend time playing in their playgrounds, whether on sand or land. There are also plenty more activities for them to get involved with, such as running through flower beds while strolling by beautiful landscaping projects all around them.

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The picnic shelter at Thomas Teasdale Park is a great place to hold your next event. The grounds have four tables and two barbecues, so it’s easy for everyone in the group. It is also accessibility-friendly with Handicap access ramps on site. 

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