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The Cascade neighborhood in Renton, WA, is one worth considering. It has an urban feel with its proximity to downtown and many large corporations located nearby but also maintains a small-town charm because it's not far from wooded areas where you can find peace if your soul needs some soothing.

The median home price in the Cascade neighborhood is $439,392, which makes it more expensive than 43.2% of neighborhoods across Washington and 72% of neighborhoods across our nation.

Renting a home in Cascade is an expensive proposition, but it's not as bad for you or the environment. The average rental price currently stands at $2532k, with costs higher than 68% of neighborhoods across Washington state.

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The Cascade neighborhood has what your heart desires regardless of whether you're a small or large family. The community is home to medium-sized apartments that can accommodate up to four people with ease and plenty of space for all members' needs at their fingertips. There are also single-family homes just waiting out there on some quiet street where you'll be able to live quietly without distractions close by but still have access to everything happening around them like shopping centers crowded full morning noon sunset--whatever time it may happen during the day or night.

The Cascade neighborhood is a great place to live if you're looking for older homes that have been well-established. Many residents in this area are owners rather than renters, which means they've grown up with these properties as their own - many having been built between 1940 and 1969 during the era when people were really starting to settle down into established lives before inflation took its toll on America's economy later showing up more recently due mostly from increased immigration rates after World War II finished up causing prices across all industries/businesses, etc., including Real Estate agent commissions. Also, this neighborhood has homes dating back as recently as 1999 with modern amenities.

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It is fascinating to see that 3% of the residents in this neighborhood are primarily speaking African languages at home. While it may seem like a small percentage, these people represent more than 97%. It can be seen how much diversity there really is among our community.

The Cascade neighborhood in Renton is a moderate-income area. The residents here earn more than 58% of American neighborhoods and have an average household income that's comparable to other middle-class areas around the country.

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